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recommend literature that can heal pessimists

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Because post WW2 Germany is shitty.

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Why does it feel like the end of me will be suicide. Why does it feel like i cannot lie to myself about being a good person with strong values.

Diffusion would be a fitting way to describe what's always happening.

I have seen some people who read a book, a movie or hear a song and their whole personality shift in the blink of an eye.

How come there are people who are able to feel things in such a grand scheme? It is solely being a bit on the schizo side? How is that "mode" to be achieved?

Lit that explains why and how a handfull of people feel things -or rather- can feel things to an such extend, that causes them to shift completely?

Im thinking Ted for instance. Or Christopher McCandless or some greate scientist or whatever.

The fact that i will never reach a deep feeling of something is slowly killing me. Be it bad or good, whatever it may be.

Im thinking of the black monk of chehkov as the best analogy i can come up with.

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Normies are incapable to empathize with eaten animals. They believe that since they were able to have a "good" life (or so they think) then everyone else can. Most likely the eaten animal just didn't try hard enough to bootstrap himself into survival.

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>the universe is two weird boars making out

I fucking knew it!

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I've read many Eastern religious doctrines including Taoism, Vedic Hinduism, and the Pali canon of Buddhism, yet the philosophy of Western religions, specifically Christianity, still confounds me.

Simply put, I just don't understand the philosophy behind Christianity and the meaning of God. Can you describe what the philosophy behind Christianity is? What are some essential readings to better understand the viewpoint of a devout Christian and how they feel towards life and God?

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why are stupid people always so mad at the idea of bias or a biased perspective

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>Babbys first moral Literature expirience

Life is what you make out of it. If you like to suffer in life, you will suffer. Thats it.
Humans are basicly build to adapt and overcome. You are built to see all the negative Things first, cause those things are meant to be solved. If you decide to not solve your Problems you see, youre not acting as evolution intended you to act. Then basicly youre not functional and should neck yourself.

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Are there any serious books or essays about animal ethics/veganism?

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