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I can’t tell if I was just born how I am or if it has to do with something of how I was raised or some event that occurred to me.

According to my parents (I don’t remember this part of my life so I have to rely on their word), I was a rascal as an infant. In one instance in daycare a kid bit me so I bit them back twice as hard and got in trouble with the thot that wasn’t paying attention when I was bit. On another instance I broke out of daycare and led two others with me, we were several blocks away by the time they noticed. On another instance I pulled the fire alarm because I wanted to see what it did, you get the idea. I was rather fearless and headstrong, aggressive even but charismatic, a born hero leader of toddler legions.

At the age of two I had a head injury, I ran into the corner of the wall while chasing my dog around the house. To this day I wonder if I had severely injured my my frontal lobe and thats why my social skills would be lacking for the rest of my life. Immediately afterwards though I didn’t notice any differences. I still had a large group of friends I would hang out with from daycare and preschool and I was hardly a shy child at all.

I ended up going to a separate elementary school then all of my friends from preschool and daycare. This possibly too could be why I turned out the way I am though I have to think this is a common occurance ever for most people so it would be strange That I would particularly have a hard time adjusting. I did make a smaller friend group in my kindergarten class though in the following year two of the 4 kids moved away. 1st grade is when I really notice my ridiculous shyness beginning. I was only in the same class as one of the 2 guys that I had become friends with the previous year. For some reason I became particularly shy in this class and hardly made any other friends. During recess I mostly just spent recess walking around by myself. These were horrible I remember and I’m sure the fear and schizophrenic frame of mind I felt during those long periods have permanently scarred my brain. In the 2nd grade I became a bit less shy and quiet and would spend recesses either playing kickball or touch football but when neither of those were occurring or we had an indoor recess I went back to my previous patterns. I never became as outgoing as I was as a toddler again. I did make a few more friends though during elementary school, but during it another of my original kindergarten friends moved away and the last one and me stopped being friends I guess he thought I was weird. Early middle school was really bad, I became even more quiet then I had been in elementary school, I hardly ever hung out with anyone after school. It’s the first time I remember really being depressed. Luckily my family moved away the summer before 8th grade and I got a fresh start in a new state. 8th and 9th grade I was actually a normie though seen a bit weird.


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I started coming here august of 2018. God I miss Junior year of college. That was a good year.

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i just created a /lit/ discord server.
I'm reading peterson's oeuvre and I need some educated anon with whom I can share my insights on in

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It and the sequel was so good. Cienfuegos didn't deserve to die.

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>tfw book characters don't get fanart

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