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Checkout this Latinx author, OP. He's got some great ideas, very anti status quo.

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How to read Evola:
>Revolt Against the Modern World
>The Mystery of the Grail
>The Hermetic Tradition
>Ride the Tiger: Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul
>Men Among the Ruins

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>Have I made a mistake?
"On the basis of these premises, the opposition of the traditional world to themodern world is also an ideal one. The character of temporality and of “historicity”is essentially inherentonly to one of the two terms of this opposition, while the otherterm, which refers to the whole body of traditional civilizations, is characterized bythe feeling of what is beyond time, namely, by a contact with metaphysical realitythat bestows upon the experience of time a very different, “mythological” form basedon rhythm and space rather than on chronological time.3Traces of this qualitativelydifferent experience of time still exist as degenerated residues among some so-calledprimitive populations. Having lost that contact by being caught in the illusion of apure flowing, a pure escaping, a yearning that pushes one’s goal further and furtheraway, and being caught in a process that cannot and does not intend to be satisfied inany achievement as it is consumed in terms of “history” and “becoming”—this isindeed one of the fundamental characteristics of the modern world and the limit thatseparates two eras, not only in a historical sense but most of all in an ideal, meta-physical, and morphological sense."

-Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World

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