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>The saddest thing I ever did see
>Was a woodpecker peckin' at a plastic tree.
>He looks at me, and "Friend," says he,
>"Things ain't as sweet as they used to be."

still cripples me every time I remember it.

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>get a glowing-brain idea about time
>get on /sci/ cuz I gotta tell someone
>use the word creation
>entire thread is exclusively making fun of creationism and god and whatever
>no one comments on my idea
>I'm not even religious

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City of Thieves made me cry like in the movies.
You know when the mc is holding his dying friend in his arms, and he's sobbing and then the dying friend makes some joke and the mc sort of laughs weakly while still sobbing?
EXACTLY like that.

Persian Boy made me sob like a bitch when Alexander died. But that was more the topic. There's something about people wanting to create this great "utopian" empire and working their whole lives and then it all falls apart the very second they die. Like, even when I read about "the golden age" of some kings or some shit, that makes me sad because I know there isn't a golden age any fucking more, and even worse that's just revisionist pandering anyway and god, it's so fucking depressing. Real life or fantasy bullshit, it doesn't matter. Humans are trash and the idealists can try as hard as they want but all they'll do in the end is suffer and die realizing humanity is garbage and their dreams were flights of fucking fancy and will never happen.

I try to avoid sad books because it's emotionally exhausting because I get so sad. Sometimes I get sad about shit that isn't even sad.

Holy shit. Our school librarian read this to us. I don't remember crying, because I was so shocked. It came out of fucking nowhere.

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>tfw you want to believe in the inherent goodness of man, but all efforts and acts done by good people, the countless instances of helping people, of saving animals, of trying so hard to fix what's broke... is not only outweighed by the horrible, cruel acts of a small minority dragging everyone around them down, but is actively fought against and prohibited by people with too much power and too much greed.
>intentional, perpetuated and institutionalized cruelty.

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>used to be able to read a 400 page book in two days
>read two+ books a week
>love it
>absolutely voracious reader
>can't read anymore
>"I'm just having a bad day"
>"I'm just having a bad week"
>"I'm just having a bad month"
>"I'm just having a bad year"
>x2, x3, x4, x5...
>want nothing more than to read again like I used to
>to completely submerse myself in books again
>medication, therapy later
>can read again
>but not like I used to
>slowly, slowly, 2 books a month is a good pace
>usually longer, sometimes faster
>I'll never be a child again
>I'll never experienced that pure elation again
is this what heartbreak feels like?

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>Where the Red Fern Grows
My librarian read this to us when we were in fifth grade. My god.

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I WOULD if I had a bathtub
>tfw you miss locking the bathroom door, putting a table next to the bath with a cd player, some chocolate, some cold water or bier and sinking into the water for hours with a good book.

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