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Stupid frog poster

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There’s a whole chart or two of travelogues. Of anybody’s got it...

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You shut the fuck up though.

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In before Uncle Ted.

There was a guy who went into a little spot in the woods of Vermont. Raided a nearby camp every once in a while. Did that for like 31 years I think. Some goober wrote a book about him. Don’t recall the title.

Maybe a travelogue would be nicer

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I sit and wait patiently.
Once made aware of one, I file it away to look for later. Years later sometimes I find a copy and bring it home only to leave on the backlog

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>a travel book to me many moons back and that was enjoyable.
Was it The Snow Leopard?
Here’s another travel book. Haven’t read it but it sounds just as comfy

Bad shop job from a hater.

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Go outside and read Mutual Aid.

How’s this book for OP?

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Pic related renewed my appreciation for the beautiful things in the world.

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