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>is a scathing critique of the follies, excesses, and cruelties of colonialism
>PoMos hate it

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What the fuck was all that about

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This is honestly hot garbage. I’d much rather watch Apocalypse Now. Inb4 filtered low attention span; bitch this book is booty.

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Any Conrad really. Any naval based stories in general, i.e. The Old Man and The Sea, Moby Dick, Youth etc.

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Heart of Darkness wasn't bad by any means but I feel like it lacked something.

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At the risk of sounding like a fucking idiot, any chance that this has been misinterpreted? That he was truly on the verge of something great before Kurtz got snatched away?

The book spoke surprisingly positive about the him in the late section and I don't think all of it were white lies to the woman, just what his last words were(n't).
Also what is 'my intended'? Reading up on explanations it seems like it's the chick at the end, the but the way I interpreted it, was that it had to do with the revelations that he had in the deep jungle and intending to put something into motion had he not died.

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Why don't they make kids read this instead of Lord of the Flies?

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So is this actually worth reading or should I just look up a summary instead?

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