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This post is the most cringeworthy thing I’ve read.

Apart from that, probably that one Ben Shapiro book I read half of back when he was a hot meme.

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OP is a faggot.

So it goes.

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Best e-reader?

Last time I checked it was a battle between Paperwhite 2 and Kobo Aura HD with Paperwhite kind of edging out kobo in terms of everything besides resolution, but Kindle promised they're gonna release a new generation to beat Aura HD.

I'm looking to buy a good e-reader one of these days - what should I go for? I don't think I want to wait an undefinite amount of months for PW3

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Hey yoo lit first time here but I just thought of a great way to make money for aspiring writers. Now I personally don't do much reading or writing so feel free to use this idea.
So I was fucking around on adv and there was this guy talking about red pill on Women. One anon said nice cult bro which made me think that a cult will do whatever it takes to reach its objective. Now those faggots wana get laid so just write a book kinda like the game or some shit like it and do some small time marketing on adv fit r9k and plebbit and vola u get $$$ while they still can't get laid.
Pic unrelated

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I wanna get into poetry, please guide me /lit/, you're the only entity I trust in this world

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how important is Plato? because I'm reading the republic and this shit is crazy boring. is wikipedia an appropriate substitute? maybe there is a ghetto translation of the republic that is a little spicier?

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Why do you even bother coming to /lit/?

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I disagree (same anon, by the way), I think it's great. Certainly not appropriate for every setting, and I know /mu/ hates it now, but I seriously love it. Obviously not everyone is going to agree though, so oh well.

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Damn OP, I love Hitchens. Why exactly don't you like hime?

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>this thread

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How many pages do you give a book before you end up skipping it?

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