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Because philosophers don't understand/are scared of making measurements that debunk their entire sophistry.
I'm serious. A single well done measurement can end millennia of mental masturbation. Most people still can't cope with this fact nowadays, but I'm quite sure mankind will outpace this nonsense in due time.
For the most part one of the copes I see is the "s-science only exists because of philosophy", when mankind has been doing things we can call science way before any formal philosophy ever existed, so it's just a dumb semantics game. We always rely on measurements to understand reality, there is absolutely no exception to this, and any barrage of insults I receive in response to this post doesn't change this fact.
Even if you were absolutely hellbent on proving your conception of philosophy was fundamental for the birth of science, it still fundamentally got outpaced by our current scientific understanding of natural phenomena. Most philosophers just haven't studied modern science. Most philosophers haven't stepped inside a modern laboratory. Most philosophers don't understand that what seems to them like hand-wavy scientific mumbo-jumbo is based on the literal most precise measurements ever performed by this species.
The moment you chose anything besides science to guide your understanding of what surrounds you, you have to realize you left any possibility of reproducibility. Here in this board we have people arguing their understanding of works written 100, 500 or sometimes 2000 years ago in languages they don't speak, and claiming that they share common views and understandings with those that wrote them. This kind of nonsense is why science was born. Equating science to some bazzinga reddit fedora posting is a sad coping attempt for people that got filtered on pre-calculus.
Don't bother posting that picture of the physicists with a false quotation of Heisenberg and shit because that's not an argument and even if it was one could just look for other Nobel prize winners like Feynman to shit on philosophy. It's also telling that for all the appreciation scientists might have for the arts and for philosophy and literature they still keep going back to science when they make their most categorical affirmations.
Few people in this website are scientists. Most people on /sci/ have never even attempted to write a paper in their lives or stepped in a lab or ran an experiment. You think most people don't grasp what philosophy is really about? They can't even fathom the current state of the art of most areas of science or what those are talking about either.
Never forget that the philosophers of Galileo's time refused to look through his telescope when he offered the opportunity.

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