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>Book 12

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>I run the tv or look at /biz/ threads for complimenting memes to the day's sentiment
I wouldn't say you're an NPC but you sound like a retarded faggot.

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>idr idk idc ig p hth tbf

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>twitter reaction image
>posted from my iphone
Get out tranny.

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>twitter is leaking again

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*sniff* *sniff*
I smell the blood of animefag-scum.

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>this tryhard and anti-natural way of writing that you can tell is labored and not effortless
>"muh cities ain't even that bad guise"
>"It's just NY and LA and Miami and Dallas and Houston and Seattle and Washington DC and Detroit and Baltimore and Chicago and [...] that are the way I described!"
>this tumblerina-tier existential dread at a series of pretty good houses placed next to each other
>"muh euros in extremely small houses in narrow streets, dominated by an even more degenerate breed of drunks and junkies are laughing at you"

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all opinions discarded

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well what's the point of it then? Fucking anamorph loving motherfucker.

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>Why yes I'm a manic depressive princess whose instincts and natural impusles of self-preservation are gone haywire because of a deeply defective brain that makes me perceive the slightest breeze as deep suffering, but at the same time, the same haywire instincts make me too pussy to kill myself, while refusing to admit I'm just a genetic piece of trash, my solipsism demands that others accept the view that all perception of life is as defective as mine.

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>everyone under 40 has a tattoo
>I was out this weekend
>everyone in the bar

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You must be at least 18 years old to not look like a faggot when using this site.

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It is if you're a straight man. That has always been the definition. Don't post again.

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What's the best way to go about publishing translations of forgotten right wing works? An anon here recently suggested Antelope Hill and I also know of Arktos, Mystery Grove, Antaios, and Counter Currents.

I just want to translate comfy fascists and have an audience for them.

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>how is it bad if the extremely limited scope of a mind in development can not yet understand it? Checkmate

>forced interactions that can not be consented to or terminated and violate another person's physical integrity are not bad in themselves, just look at the data

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Fantastic ability wasted on a cuck. We truly live in a nightmare

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>twitter screenshot

Thread ignored

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>Guys, look!
>Sorry, hotshot
>I implore you
>faintest allusion

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>I don't even read.

Get the fuck off of /lit/.

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>I just adore

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>>globalization causing an unstable job market causing declining birth rates, what are the odds?
>>everybody is retarded but me
>>my entire view of masculinity is the ideal end-goal the left has in mind, so I give them the gift of arguing through not only their terms but their view of the world
>>female promiscuitiy has always been an open and public phenomena, even in ancient Greece and earlier, now it is only more infantile and performative rather than the self-expression that the whores themselves believe they actually have
>>moral masturbation from the demigod elites who pretend to care about the woes of the deformed little chimpmunks of the world, using them as mass of maneuver and purse puppies
>>most feel-good and harmony worshipping generation in forever, will enter spontaneous combustion if someone is mean to someone else, created the concept of "Karen"
>>racial minorities will invariably have huge families independent of the economic climate because of different history and culture, whites more infantile and easy to demotivate in that respect
>>class, etiquette and standard decency remains the same if you don't live on the internet
>>faggot lives in the age of technology evolving at an unprecedented breakneck pace, art and culture decentralized, can create whatever you want, never been easier to start a business despite lack of economic freedom, can't find meaning for some fucking reason
>>art and high culture is dead, let it burn in hell for it has been replaced with populist entertainment that doubles as infinitely superior media-fusing, art form-fusing manners of creation such as videogames and films, proved to be superior to painting and sculpture
>>believes in AI being suuuuuuper evolved duuuuuuude
>>radtrad homo is afraid of ecological collapse (???)
>>never read Rothbard, Mises, Hoppe, never discovered that the nature of the Estate is to grow and fuck your asshole
>>The military industrial complex has brought metric fucktons of opium poppies from Afghanistan to be processed by big farma into xanax and other drugs and shove down everyone's troaths, big news, read Drug Dealer MD
>>as usual, every nihilist homo is just an ugly deformed social retarded with a tiny dick bitching about not having a girlfriend, that the fuck's new

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