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I love to sip whiskey and read until I pass out, does anyone have experience with other types of intoxicants and reading? Any that don't diminish reading comprehension like alcohol?

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I like to read around 5 or 6 non fiction books at a time. I will read carefully and sometimes take notes but I don't usually read more than a chapter or two of each of them a day

Is this bad for reading comprehension the subjects tend to be different so I don't see confusing the topic being an issue?

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I’m looking for an obscure book I read when I was younger, it was a collection of stories from India, and I think it was called ‘Night Train to (some Indian place)’. One of the stories I remember best was about an old lady who used to shoot monkeys for eating the daffodils in her garden, and one day a swarm of monkeys killed her? I think? The story was being narrated by an older gentleman to the author, although I’m not quite sure. If anyone recalls anything, or any books similar to it, please help me out.

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Eh depends about the job thing. For instance I graduated in the middle of the pandemic but because I can just live at home with my parents and I got a CS degree, I'm better off staying home improving my skills and applying to more jobs rather then rushing to work minimum wage. I actually did have a job at a grocery store for a week back in the summer just cause I was bored, but that sucked too much and I quit after a week now I just occasionally delivery drive for doordash.

I'm confident I'll get a well paying job eventually, especially over the past couple months I've been getting interviews much more readily, its just boredom and trying to keep myself from becoming an alcoholic thats the big challenge.

Basically if you need the money you need the money and yeah you gotta get a job, but if not and you think there are better opportunities either open to you now, or you think will open up to you, don't rush to be a workcuck.

This advice is of course completely dependent in validity over if I do eventually get a job or not. I'll admit I only have 23 years of experience here on this earth, much spent in front of a computer screen, so I'm not sure I'm the first guy who should be giving life advice.

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