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>Bad genes lead to inability to further your bloodline
I said celibates, not INVOLUNTARY celibates

>and from an evolutionary pov it's probably just best if such a specimen just end itself
Wrong, Newton had amazing genes and he never reproduced
There are countless successful people who committed suicide as well

>Celibacy is easy there are multiple species with neuter worker drones. We're even multicellular organisms where the reproduction of individual cells are heavily regulated.
That's not an evolutionary purpose, how is Newton not reproducing beneficial to the survival of the species? Not every celibate has bad genes

>Martyrdom is easier to understand if you don't think there are truly abstract ideas, every idea is inherently tribal underneath all it's decorative reasoning. Sacrificing yourself for a kin group is not hard to understand evolutionarily.
People don't always sacrifice themselves for the survival of the tribe, sometimes they have sacrificed themselves for abstract things like faith or knowledge, such as Galileo Galilei enduring martyrdom for his heliocentrism

>Suicide is harder but there are still multiple species that exhibit destructive behavior or apathetic behavior to the point of being destructive when they are isolated or put in hopeless situations.
Suicide is still usually detrimental to the survival of the species, most people who commit suicide are not in "hopeless situations", the vast majority of suicide is commited by people with cushy material conditions, not by miserable third worlders, and their survival and self-improvement would have greatly benefitted the species


Neither of you have proven that there is good reason to think these behaviors are the direct result of evolutionary instinct

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>you should take my random sperg opinion seriously because well uhhhh just trust me guys I know what I'm talking about I read Heidegger pls say I'm smart

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STEMfags are fine as long as they aren't eliminative materialists and scientismtards.

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Who cares what this pseud thinks

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Let's settle this once and for all. Pic related. Sorry for the meme pic but it's kind of relevant.

(A) On one hand, we had STEMfags who focused greatly on philosophy, and praised the role it had in opening their minds and guiding them towards achieving great things. E.g. Einstein, Godel, Hilbert, Turing, Leibniz, Newton, etc.
(B) On the other hand, there were many great STEMfags that did not care about philosophy or even dismissed it completely. E.g. Feynman, Hawking, Witten, Tao, Neumann, Susskind, etc.

Why did these two groups achieve roughly and arguably the same level of greatness? If philosophy is the spawning grounds of any science or conscious thought, then how is it possible to discover and invent great things without being good at it?
Today, fewer and fewer universities teach philosophy when studying for a STEM degree. Few teach foundational mathematics or foundational computer science.

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Because (((science))) is fucking DEEEEEAAAD

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this will never not be relevant

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t. reddit
Learn about metempsychosis. Whenever you die your soul will continue on and be reincarnated for another miserable life ;)

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Everybody in the right is American, too bad that Feynman was made a filthy Philistine Degrasse Tyson-tier by the utter positivist materialism of his nation

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Watch this

I would say that "scientism" as a philosophy is pathetic and has nothing meaningful to say about metaphysics, ontology or ethics. Contempary science has already refuted classical materialism meanwhile it still can't answer the hard problem of consciousness.

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The IFLS crowd are the ones who know the least about actual science.

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