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I can sympathize

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>you are very stunted spiritually.
>says the guy who posts shit like "Christ is King, seethe harder poo-in-loo fetishists"
what did the fifteen year-old tradlarper mean by this?

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Where YOU ounce a very hungry caterpillar butters?

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There should be a separate board for political non-fiction books.

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>Click on Plato's Complete Works
>Amazon recommends me a book about Genghis Khan

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I am a neet inploy (involuntarily unemployed) that takes out money out of their family members' banks in order to buy books. Anyone else addicted to buying books?

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Its all a simulation, isn't it?

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Niggers are America’s gods. Americans fear niggers like a mortal would fear God. They’re not allowed to curse or speak ill of niggers, like how you mustn’t blaspheme God or take His name in vain. They devote entire institutions in academia and media to remind themselves of their sins against niggers and beg for mercy, like you’d beg God for forgiveness for your sins. The only landmarks and monuments they’re allowed to revere are parks, schools and statues dedicated to famous niggers, immortalized in marble like gods. While their ancestors expressed devotion to gods through offerings of food and drink, present-day Americans created food stamps for niggers for this very purpose. Jesus gets two annual days of reverence, while niggers get an entire month plus MLK’s birthday. Americans prostrate themselves in the streets to appease niggers. This is because nigger worship is the official religion of America.

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She looks like a girl I know...

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Reading fiction is nothing more than escapism. Fiction readers are no better than animefags. Actually I would say they are worse given their pretentiousness. Animefags are at least honest with themselves.
If you are not primarily reading non-fiction I cannot see you as an adult.

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So I decided to smoke for the first time and I now have laser focus. Does this happen for anyone else, where they unlock the remaining 90% of their brain? This shit is a cheat code.

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>mum, I'm not unemployed, I'm writing a novel

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Boy sees girl, girl sees boy.
Boy lifts weights, girl combs hair.
They have sex
someone makes breakfast
they have a kid
the kid sees a girl

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>I'm not even that gay
Are you sure anon

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When did you realise Hedonism is correct?

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I will celebrate by reading something else, just as I have with the release of every other GOT book.

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>Dalkey Archive receives approximately 12,000 unsolicited manuscripts per year.

They MUST be bullshitting, or there must be a shit ton of mouthbreathing morons submitting work to them that isn’t avant-grade or experimental or anything that they would actually publish. Jesus this is bleak.

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> Might is Right by "Ragnar Redbeard"
Yet another LARPer who can't handle that mighty Christianity assraped his weakfaggot paganism. Many such cases

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How much of these works have you read?

>Epic of Gilgamesh
>Homer's works
>Plato's works
>Greek tragedians
>The Bible
>Don Quixote

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How much of these works have you read?

>Epic of Gilgamesh
>Homer's works
>Plato's works
>Greek tragedians
>The Bible
>Don Quixote

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>english poetry need the final termination to be identical for it to rhyme
Uhhh how does rhyming work in other languages?

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>50+ books in my Amazon wishlist
>still have a bookshelf worth of books I haven't read yet

How do I stop doing this? I'm buying books faster than I can read them

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>tfw i realize literally everything is just a struggle between aesthetic ideals and even genocide can be justified by aesthetic preference

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