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I'm no writer, but of the sex I have had so far in my life I have been disappointed.

The first time I did it I was pressured into it by my girlfriend who was older than me. I came quickly and was far from emotionally ready for it. All the subsequent times I would fuck her pussy till she wasn't wet anymore (maybe 20 minutes), then force myself to finish or fake it. She would cum three or four times to my one.
Afterwards I was expected to coddle her and tell her all the nice things she wanted to hear until she fell asleep. She was an ugly sleeper.

Then we would wake up and we would go get food on her dime. That almost made it worth it.

Eventually she broke up with me. I was going to a different college, and, incapable of quelling her own neuroticism and fear of abandonment she got from her distant father, broke up with me in spite of her love for me.

Sex is for women. In order to have what society calls "good sex" you have to not cum for fifteen minutes at least. You must flip her around in all manor of ways while she lays like a dead fish and dictates at which pace she wants it. If you don't last long, and cum in a few minutes when it actually feels good to you, you are an embarrassment, and you will be chastised for it if not directly, then behind your back.
Women demand big dicks while being completely incapable of taking them. Women barely know where they want to eat, much less the size of cock they'll like. I have about six inches of insert-able length, seven and a half if you measure from the pubic bone. She bled once after sex more than usual. After a visit to the gynecologist, they revealed I had bruised her cervix.

Women sometimes chastise men for going limp during sex, but women do the same thing. The girl I had sex with would get wet for about five minutes, then go bone dry. It was my job to lube my cock every few minutes so we could continue. In addition, when women do decide to actually be active during sex, they aren't very good at it. When she would ride my dick she would often just grind on it, with no real sensation to me.

So, my conclusion is that sex is for women. Society's standard of "good sex" is totally gynocentric, and any deviation from it is a flaw in the masculinity of the man having sex.

There you have some writing from a man who doesn't like sex very much.

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Dude, Hayek literally predicted something pretty similar to a stable(bit)coin in his "The Denationalization of Money"; It was ideas like his that directly influenced the cypherpunk movement and cryptocurrencies in general.
Anyway, Satoshi wrote his whitepaper not so much on monetary theory but more on a specific technical problem in the technology which he solved brilliantly. He wasn't the first to do research on crypto though.
Cryptocurrencies existed theoretically since the '80s with David Chaum's 1982 dissertation "Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups", being the first known conception of a blockchain protocol.
In short, economic theory was in no way central to Satoshi's whitepaper and it's weird to say that his whitepaper ended even the theoretical field of cryptocurrency which pretty much just started. Seriously, the field is so young that it's conceivable that one of (You) autistic faggots could contribute to it if you tried hard enough.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

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>people are responding to neo-nazi bait


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same here, took me all of february just to read The Iliad

fuck you pewdiepie

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No wonder I'm still depressed.

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ITT: people that googled "best opening lines from books" and copy/pasted stuff from American Book Review's top 100

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>Quality over quantity; plenty of room for spooky artifacts found after reading some tomes.

That defeats the whole purpose of having a bookshelf, you fucking pseud.

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