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>45 pages
>a novel
I mean, good for you for having a finished short story but that is not a novel.
>download my file
I think I know why no one is bothering to read it.

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monke no read

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>What's going on here?
You forgot to finish your sentences, and so created a strawman where those phrases seem to be at odds (but they are not).

Be fruitful and multiply in the sacrament of marriage.

Outside of the sacrament of marriage, it is best (that is, most pleasing to God and most beneficial to man) to be celibate. Very special people forgo the sacrament of marriage and commit themselves to and interior life of worship and good works and holy vows, which typically demand celibacy.

This, pretty much.

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Science isn't about consensus, you absolute double digit.

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Just learned about antinatalism. Are these people serious? How can you be such an ingrate and a coward. Its mind-boggling.

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No, but that is not to say anything favorable to him as it also surely means Peterson himself doesn't know wtf he's on about.

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>Im not a shill
>Shills the dog penis grimdark philosophy book every time someone asks for a rec
Ok bud

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>t. taoism-anon being mad at things that don't really exist

relax desu senpai, nobody here is taking tendies off your plate. maybe make a good thread once in a while instead of bait like you're doing now and you'd get some intelligent responses

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Because of Jesus Christ.

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Get some good solid theology into your brain. Faith is contingent upon the philosophical assumption that God exists. You can't have faith in Christ without believing He exists, and was Creator (read John 1). I would expand that to say all knowledge in a meaningful existence depends on it. I.e., an absolute morality is possible because God loves us and commanded us to love one another. He is the form of the good, the first principle and most perfect beauty. His divine grace is love, [and being His creations] the only thing we can want for itself.

Think of the philosophy of love and forgiveness espoused by Jesus in his dialectics as an advanced and voluntary form of the ideal government of Plato. The kingdom of God is ever yours, if you desire it.

For an anthropological perspective, read Campbell's Masks of God and Power of Myth. Man has always made stories about the divine superman. But Christ's case, the Logos Made Flesh, really is self-evident if you look at it carefully.

For proof of God, read Aristotle, Duns Scotus, and most importantly Aquinas. I haven't read and wouldn't understand Godel's ontological proof, but if you can more power to you.

A lot of the theurgic stuff from antiquity is helpful to know about, especially for understanding the context of Christ in a world of Greco-Roman philosophers, but unnecessary. Philo is a good early defender, but he really falls short of the Plotinus or Plato.

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>britain a democracy during the eve of the 20th century

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>muh anecdote is more important than a poll

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>The premise of this thread.

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The only thing worse than roastieposting is /r9k/ getting butthurt by even the posibility of non retarded women crumbling their believe system.

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>max planck institut e for psycholinguistics
>some obscure Internet Q&A

>I ask for a citation
Um okay? This is a literature board honey, not /sci/.

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>hehe, I might have lost the argument but I will post a meme to tell everyone I won. MOM, BAKE ME SOME TENDIEES I WON AT MY KOREAN KIMCHI FERMENTATION FORUM. REEEEE
Taking everything literally is what is what the majority of religious brainlet live by.

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Not an endorsement or recommendation, but for a general introduction to what he meant, read Horkheimer's Critique of Instrumental Reason

basically: >muh rationalism

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