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What's the best place to start with Aquinas? The Shorter Summa?

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Why the fuck are fictionfags so butthurt about philosophy being discussed here? What's so repulsive about it?

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St. Thomas Aquinas

I consider the medieval stage of philosophy to have started about the 7th century or so and ended with the 15th.

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christianity is midwit to brainlet tier in general but catholicism is undoubtly big brained

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What should I read before I start him?

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[Discussion thread for Metaphysics from the Early Greeks to the present day]
optional question - was Aquinas' metaphysics superseded by Spinoza's, in your opinion?

discussion on theism, panentheism, pantheism and the like are also welcome :)

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>If anyone shall say that finite things, both corporeal and spiritual, or at least spiritual, have emanated from the divine substance; or that the divine essence by the manifestation and evolution of itself becomes all things; or, lastly, that God is universal or indefinite being, which by determining itself constitutes the universality of things, distinct according to kinds (genera), species and individuals; let him be anathema. (Dei Filius, Canon I.4)
>I answer that, As said above (I:44:2), we must consider not only the emanation of a particular being from a particular agent, but also the emanation of all being from the universal cause, which is God; and this emanation we designate by the name of creation. Now what proceeds by particular emanation, is not presupposed to that emanation; as when a man is generated, he was not before, but man is made from "not-man," and white from "not-white." Hence if the emanation of the whole universal being from the first principle be considered, it is impossible that any being should be presupposed before this emanation. For nothing is the same as no being. Therefore as the generation of a man is from the "not-being" which is "not-man," so creation, which is the emanation of all being, is from the "not-being" which is "nothing." (Summa Theologiae, Question 45, Article 1)

Forget Vatican II. Why was Vatican I so retarded?

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