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You’re welcome.

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So “infantile” that you feel a need to slaughter them.
How dare they make good on the revolution. Don’t they know we must remain a vanguardist authoritarian state for twenty generations to despoil the environment before it collapses into communist paradise? Psh. Get with the programme mates. Don’t you know we’re doing scientific socialism here?

Get bent, tanky. Unironically become chinese and we’ll see ya later

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He cops/powers that be are well organized and will always break these up, peaceful protest like OWS or riotous one like this, they will always win against the disorganized mobs no matter the numbers.
If half the numbers on the streets now were organized they would be an actual force. You two should read this book among others and join a group like the IWW or something

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We can do better.

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Good. Have you read Bookchin yet?

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I consider his democratic-confederalism anarchism matured.

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It seems to be running out of things to exploit, but strong enough to finish us all off in the next 80 to 100 years. I’ve been reading Bookchin and plan on getting back to Mollison. We’re going to have to resurrect a socialist response to this monster. I don’t care what we call, we just have to stop using money and relying on statist hero worship.

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A bloody coup or a revolution?
Fascism will lead to more of the same if not worse.

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Ah, it was a blanket statement, true. I have turned to ways to change the system ruining people’s minds and subsequently lives and our ecosystem.
Stirner is a start, for many, but sadly not everyone is going to get it. I am realistic about this.

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Boring ill thought out “cope”

But back to my book

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>I need the fucking government to enforce a quarantine, I don't want to go to work!
I hear that. But the government is on the side of the corporations. We have to organize our own stay at home strike.

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Capitalism, yes.

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>Global communism or de-globalized localism?
Sounds like the same thing
Pretty much what I’ve been on about for years now

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Here than

>It’s supposed to be like this
>It’s natural
Shit up.

>It’s the best possible world!

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Maintaining the status quo, indeed going backwards into authoritarianism, isn’t a good idea. You know, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.

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I help coddle rich people’s inflated egos
I’d rather contribute to the betterment of the community/world, but it doesn’t pay.
And I’m getting too old for all the hours. Life doesn’t have to be like this

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The pioneers took out the old west without advanced technology. Nearly exterminated the bison and wolf among others. Dust bowl etc.
technology scares rightwingers only because it’s freeing, especially for women. You take technology away and you keep the same system and life gets worse. For everyone but “chad”
Don’t pull that trigger, bitch.

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Wear something red

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Das Kapital, No Gods, No Masters (2 volume anthology of anarchism to direct further reading) and Bookchin

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