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>true evil is entirely fictitious
A. it depends on what you define as true evil. There were men in the nazi death camps (don't start some stupid ass holocaust numbers argument, it has nothing to do with what I'm saying, just substitute the nazi death camps for some random brutal PoW camps in history if it bothers you that much) who would cause pain on men for no other reason than to watch them be in pain. Is that not evil? But I assume your answer would be that they were conditioned to do this by their society / culture, or something like that, as if that excuses them because they weren't consciously thinking "I'm such an evil villain!"
B. True Evil villains in fiction aren't meant to be realistic, they like every other character is a tool for the author to communicate what they want to communicate. Fiction in the many art forms one finds it in is not always meant to be at all realistic.

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