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What if he was wrong about Russia? What if our civilization is not Western, but Christendom?

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It’s still not clear to me what we (I) are (am) supposed to do if he’s right.

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Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

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>What’s wrong with raising Negros?

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Any books on how to live in the modern world in spite of all it's problems?

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What's your theory on Judge Holden of Blood Meridian book?

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Spengler spent a 1000 pages in great detail describing why western culture is essentially dead.

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Who are some conservative poetic type writers in the vein of Spengler?

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>Jesus Christ, Marie! They're not Hochkulturen! They're pseudomorphoses!

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>just become a STEM bugman and heckin love science bro
So this is the power of rightoid intellectuals....

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Is 4chan itself an example of Spengler's cycle of civilizations?

>2003-2008 (Spring)
>identity just beginning
>4chan's culture at its most lyrical
>creativity abounded
>fairly unwell known and niche website

>2009-2015 (Summer)
>begins with Project Chanology
>site becomes well known for its pranks and antics
>"the internet hate machine"
>userbase rapidly grows (a lot of which come from reddit)
>culture slowly goes from lyrical to more inellectual (gay) from new influence of redditors
>still hugely creative in terms of memes though begins to focus more on a few (pepe, wojak, etc)
>becomes less about doing it for the keks though
>political matters become center stage
>Anonymous, then Gamergate, then /pol/ Trump thing
>ends with the rise of Caeserism with Trump and Moot leaving

>2016-? (Fall/Winter?)
>lyrical age is over and Empire age begins
>meme war of 2016 was 4chan at its finest and most focused ever
>birth of a sort of organized religion (cult of kek/ meme magic)
>/pol/ replaces /b/ as the center of the site
>4chan successfully gets Trump elected (or at least believes it played some role)
>filled with vigor after this victory
>site is flooded with new users (as well as governmental agencies shilling on /pol/)
>He Will Not Divide Us ushers in another good spout of memes
>creative forces become weaker though
>site more and more relies heavily on a few memes mostly just pepes and wojaks
>/pol/ and alt-right stuff is hit heavily after charlottesville making the generation of memes and irl hard to come by
>bloodsports is able to fill this void and support the meme market for a while but that dies off from infighting after a year
>following this a great dry-spell begins to emerge
>smaller boards are able to continue mostly fine but /pol/ becomes too schizophrenic to browse as a result of the new boomer/reddit posters + shills + discord trannies
>the generation of new culture begins to wither away
>nothing new is being created just recreations of old memes
>almost every new meme now is some variation of wojak

And thats where I'll end it. Its harder to interpret the closer things become to the present. Tbh I can't tell if we're still in the fall stage or if we've crossed into winter. If I had to guess we're either at the end of fall or beginning or winter. There's no real landmarks like the other stages though.

So what do you guys think of my little theory?

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When does it get complicated? You guys told me that I should fear his book, that it's going to test my knowledge and filter me hard. I'm 100 pages in, I barely know my classics and I'm doing just fine following his line of thought. Is it because I am a STEMfag and he talks a lot about mathematics in the first chapters?

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This book is one of the most Faustian things ever written. Spengler was absolutely right. Only in the rotten winter of civilization could such a work be written and be taken seriously.

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Am I the only one worried about him being right? If the caesar is going to be someone like Elon Musk or Klaus Schwab then I’d rather collapse

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Oswald Spengler, pbuh

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What are you supposed to get out of Spengler?

I'm not interested in intellectual masturbation of the ravings of mad men. I read for pragmatic purposes. What utility can I get out of Spengler's works?

What if he's just another doomer and the course we're on right now might be drastically different to what he envisioned? Nobody fucking expected Trump or any of this SJW shit 15 years ago. There is a great upheavel happening in the world. America is moving to the far left, Europe is moving to the far right.

Also, it's amusing how Spengler deems Chinese culture died long ago and remains dead when the Chinese of today are Manchurian invaders who have absolutely nothing to do with the Ancient Chinese who he judged.

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Was he a doomer? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take away from his works.

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OP is correct.

Begin with Spengler.

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Oswald Spengler.

Quite possibly the most relevant philosopher of today. Who else but him could so completely predict the various states of our evolving society?

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Rather than starting with the Greeks, I want to start with Spengler. Should I just outright begin reading Decline of the West to start with, or is there another author/work that's required reading to understand Spengler entirely?

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Is it worth finding an unabridged version of The Decline of the West?

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>btfo the entire field of anthropology

its good tho because modern anthropology is probably the most useless field in existence

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>Oswald Spengler argued that the materialist vision of Karl Marx was based on nineteenth-century science, while the twentieth century would be the age of psychology

was he right?

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This explains everything.

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