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>Reverend Insanity
There is no way that counts as readable. I tried it back when it was shilled hard and it reads like google translate teamed up with an especially dogshit A.I to write it.

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Have you read his books are they actually any good?

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So tiring

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I think this is up there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuhkgiTJnBs

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P Hitchens

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I'm new-ish here.
What is the general attitude in /lit/ towards British or American conservatism now, and has the attitude changed at all over the years?

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>I’ve worked out why the modern Left hate Donald Trump so much, and why anti-Trump parades have become the biggest boost to the Rentacrowd protest industry since the Vietnam War, opposed by millions who didn’t know what it was about or where Vietnam was.
>It’s because the President subconsciously reminds them of themselves. Unlike most ‘Right-wing’ figures, he adopts the habits and practices of the shouty Left. He’s shamelessly bigoted, and regards his bigotry as a virtue. He’s ignorant, materialistic, unread, foul-mouthed, sexually liberated, sees opponents as enemies to be crushed rather than as fellow citizens to be persuaded or at least respected, and he despises the rule of law.

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>Meanwhile, a new ideology was growing among the Left, the idea that the United Kingdom was an artificial creation of the Hanoverian era, an invention whose time had gone. Linda Colley, in her influential book Britons, helped to make this idea highly fashionable. So, on a more populist level, did the film Braveheart, a misleading hymn to Scottish nationalism and a one-sided denunciation of English oppression and cruelty.

>So Year Zero came at last, rather gently and gradually, after many of those who would have been most bitterly distressed by it were already dead. We were alone and faced with absorption into a European superstate, but millions did not care. We no longer spoke, dressed, ate or behaved as we used to, but the changes had worked their way through our society so quietly that we did not feel as if our way of life had been stolen. Our national constitution came under question, but few even thought that the 1688 settlement was important any more. Our monarchy, robbed of much of its role by the Tory decision to elect party leaders, went through an undignified frenzy of adultery, divorce and melodramatic death. And perhaps it was that death, with the grim reaper’s dark ability to drag out our deepest feelings, which shocked millions into realizing that they now lived in a country that was not what it had once been, and would never be again.

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Had he been in Sheffield in the early 1990s, he might have found his way into the services run by Chris Brain, described in The Rise and Fall of the Nine o’Clock Service: ‘Druidic white-robed figures around an altar resembling a crescent moon … hundreds of black-clad figures peer out of the darkness, swaying to swirling, strangely ethereal breaths of ambient techno.’
This, remember, is taking place in an Anglican church, heir to the monastic tradition and the poetry of Thomas Cranmer. But instead of the timeless comfort of beauty and order, the worshipper hears, ‘The Lord is here … his spirit is with us’, and then listens to the ‘first song, led by the band’, followed by ‘body prayer, a sort of Christianised yoga’, and then a multi-decibel confession: ‘Creator God, the source of all life, we confess our sin to you … we confess that as we’ve wanted more and more we have dominated and exploited your creation … we admit… that we are complicit in destroying you by polluting the air and sea, by destroying the forest, by starving the people of the Third World.’
Then ‘a rapper comes over the top, giving it all he’s got, and gradually fades into a sample of an Eastern voice wailing.’ Then Chris (Brain) says: ‘God who knows the equality of all people, and the trap of false dreams, release and deliver you, Amen.’ He then ‘fades into the sound of running water and birdsong and then it is time for the sacrament’.

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Despite being a 27 year old ugly beta loser nofriends autist, I sometimes see men sitting down on the underground train and notice that they're balding. Then I think to myself, "I may have all my disadvantages but at least I'm not balding. If that happened then I would truly feel like life would be hopeless." Of course balding is cosmetic but cosmetic aspects can drastically reduce your chances of passing job interviews and getting friends or any attention from women.

Do you feel like you're one accident away from living in hell on earth territory? And do you think this is a psychological fallacy (or cognitive biases, whatever) or true?

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>tfw I'm not a disgusting anglo normie

someone just end it please

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I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that the most modern book I have read is from 2004.

What is the newest book you have read?

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