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Sir, I'm afraid it is you who is the fool here. Your reply is both arrogant and totally ignorant of the genealogy of western morality. However, that is somewhat understandable considering it's a widely held myth that things like liberalism, humanism and scientism arose as opposition to Christianity. Perhaps a couple of quotes from an article by John Gray will illuminate the subject matter so you can understand:

'the triumph of Christianity was a rupture in Western civilisation. There is nothing at all self-evident about the equal intrinsic worth of all human beings or the inherent preciousness of individual persons. These values – which secular thinkers nowadays take for granted – were placed at the heart of the Western world by Christianity.'

'Holland comes into his own when he shows how Christianity created the values of the modern Western world. Not all Christians accepted the idea of original sin. Pelagius (AD 360-418) believed the only reason human beings act badly is that they have been accustomed to doing wrong from childhood – a view repeated in modern times by generations of liberals who have never heard of the early British theologian. Holland goes on to tell how the medieval French scholastic Peter Abelard (1079-1142) was accused of heresy for his assertion that God’s world was rational and governed by laws that humans could understand, only for this belief to inspire the founding of universities all over Christendom.'

This is the article those excerpts are taken from, in which Gray is reviewing Tom Holland's book 'Dominion'. I am aware that Tom Holland is a pop historian so his book is probably not the best source to inform yourself on this issue therefore I will provide some more academic suggestions below:

Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray

The Theological Origins of Modernity by Michael Allen Gillespie

On the Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche

Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism by Larry Siedentop

The Secular Age by Charles Taylor

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I wish we would kill democracy.

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Altough, there's some things that are persistent about aesthetics, but even that is debatable to a certain point.

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speak for yourself I literally only care about spiritual brownie points
which works specifically would you recommend?

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>Not using higher forces to improve ones outer world situation
Anon i...

Post practical occult:
John Kreiter
Henry Archer
Geof Cobb

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The real redpill is most of it is real and not imagination

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^is not me
I yeet equally on hylics as well as on traditionalist cucks
Thus i state my dharma
I do not think nor believe nor have faith .
I know myself as witnessing awareness larping in infinite forms , appropriating Absolute God the eternal timeless larper
>The fool will seethe but the wise will understand
Do you understand?
>raises finger
pay attention

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I said practical you low assemblage point mongloids

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Religion corrupts the truth just look at the results of it so much suffering the complete opposite of spiritual ends ; dualistic ego mind just subverts it to its own end it becomes but just another addition to ones owns identity and rarely goes beyond that.
Look at the anons above entangled identity with tradition easily butthurt.
Their practice is outdated for our times as we live in age of far more advanced obstacles and traps. Also a massive problem is focus on the outer ,the profane rituals, diets etc which god doesnt care of in the slightest. Since u are christian i recommend you Meister Eckharts sermons very illuminating tho he almost got burned as a heretic.
Ultimately the only thing you can trust is the inner mechanism god left inside us to find the right path back to him its a journey different for everyone.

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A new model of the universe by P. Ouspensky

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