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Which is why I desire Jew gf. NOW

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it turns out I'm realy tired

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>thread made on requesting books on the root cause of modernity
>actual book recommendations made
>some retarded pseud claims the only two ways to live life are Christianity or maximizing pleasure/minimizing pain
>call him a retarded pseud
>he makes a response
>type out a paragraph response to this explaining why he's wrong, scroll down
>this thread has been pruned or deleted
>meanwhile there is a 30 reply thread with only the words "Reject Christianity, embrace Hermeticism" in its OP up, a thread with 18 replies asking for websites with free pdf's, a 128 reply thread about what the room of someone who's interested in philosophy would look like, another "haha what did we think of [book]?" thread up (this is funny because it's a play on the fact that people here just take the opinions of other anon's instead of forming there own - so funny, in fact, that it's posted every day), a thread with only the words ">morality lmao" in the OP, and who knows how many political bait threads
>yet the one thread I want to respond to someone in is pruned
Do you guys have any books on methods to deal with the janny epidemic?

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