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The dumbest girl I ever went out with was a big tittied goth girl who genuinely believed in that shit. Like, "having sex in a cemetery on Halloween's Eve will grant you good luck for the following year" kind of dumb.
The sex was alright, not great, but she would often wear medieval dresses, which I discovered turned my dick to diamond.
I kinda missed her, but after the last time I got her to cheat on her boyfriend, she called me a human swamp, so I'm pretty sure I've burned that bridge.

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But don't you get it, white Ontarian lesbians are clearly the aristocracy of today.

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Am I the same conscious being I was when I was 4 years old? I have nothing in common with him other than a shared identity. Is the ego all one needs to have the right to call themselves, they? Or am I just an old man larping as the adult version of the anon from 20 years ago?

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>Is this common behaviour in the outside world?
Yeah, pretty much.
/lit/ hatred for modern women isn't based on wrong factuals, it is just (imho) the wrong cope, and a highly selective representation that erases the role of men as general and anon's as individuals in this reality. Women *are* overwhelmingly whores, hypocritical, vapid... But most men want them that way.

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In five years you will only be a couple years through your decade-long prison sentence, you fucking pedophile, and that is literally the only good thing this board has any right to hope forward to.

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Holy fuck you degenerate.

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There's not much else to life, and if you can't grasp that you need to get off that Copium

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