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>>be German
>>have elite universities
pffft good one. Bong and burger unis have world wide fame. I can't even name a German University.

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>I'm embarrassed that my Wikipedia page will show I'm a late bloomer
Its probably gonna have a controversy sub-heading too, so what's the point

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>Lord of Light

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>French Literature

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>don't mind if it's a boring textbook
Imagine reading a boring textbook to get better at writing good prose.

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Has anyone in /lit/ ever written a book? Extra points if their book gained major popularity.

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If you were going by pure data you'd slap on speed regulators at 40, not take them off

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>Is there no Inn in all of fucking fantasy with two rooms open or 1 room with 2 beds

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If only the ancient Greeks had the superior arguments of today
>no homo
>miss me with that gay shit

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So... so... uh...

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Jäniksen vuosi by Arto Paasilinna. Bunch of vegan survivalist womyn who have survived around the world go deep into subartctic Finnish marshy pine forest in spring time that has absolutely nothing human edible growing anywhere that time of year. Except animals.

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Source? Also, this seems to indicate that you'll do just fine if you get a bachelor's degree. Date relatively within your educational background? That would seem natural merely from a conversational stand point. I would hardly expect someone with a PhD to maintain a good conversation with someone who didn't graduate college.


I'm not going out to google your source for the point you are trying to prove. Man, if you want to say something, let it stand for itself. Don't make me prove your point.


It may be your right to be ignorant, but I believe that is what Peterson, if he is your guy, is against. Build a better standard for yourself, or sink into stagnation. Your call. Did you make your bed today?

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