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>Kek,something like that is truly rare especially the eloping part with chinks.
>Disagree. I think this temperament has been consciously stroked and encouraged by the eternal Jew, who conspicuously (despite being the unarguable ruling class of America) is never mentioned in an otherwise race-obsessed society.
>pic related
Have you lurked the other Boards?
Have you seen the Sadism?
the Narcissism?
The Madness?

It all sticks to you.
Social Dynamics, Gustavo LeBon; Tavistock; Ogilvy, Kurt Lewin......

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Sure; European Civilization was collapsing and nobody was addressing that Death.

I find Jung very insightful.
>What did the greatest psychoanalytis in history mean by this?
That Hitlers postion in a Social Dynamic way to frame is that which Others Project to Him; Like how Donald Trump uses his Public Personae , and how Others Use that Personae for their Interests:
>I am the Don, Real Estate Extraordinaire
>He is trumpffff, the Idiot
>He is Donald Trump, God Emperor

So Jung is very straightforward telling Hitler is a Empty Mask, a Vase that the Public and those around him are filling the Void with their own Shadow, Unconscious.

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