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foids eternally btfo.

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I never realized she got them booba yo.

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Stop sapping my energy you succubus last (you) from me ima go enjoy my morning coffee.

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and that etymology is "based."

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no problem

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Joyeux Noël!!!!

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I don't have one, but I'll pin this thread. Interesting discussion.

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t. fren

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the coffee in this pic looks very tasty

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Who here /São Paulo/ or /Paris/?

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What's your favourite book anon?

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keep reading fren! reading is very fun and rewarding! you just have to work through the tough parts!

cofe helps

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Yeah, the rasta shit really just dragged me into the dirt. Kind of tabled it for a week until the turing police showed up then felt like it got more interesting again. I enjoyed the fact that Wintermute was crazy, but I don't understand why Neuromancer tried to stop the merger still. Hardwired to do so?

As a 25 year old zoomer now though, I really was fascinated by the perception of technology represented in this book. I've posted about it before, but I think that's why I enjoy older science fiction. It's a TRUE look on how society felt about the changes in technology. I just don't think you can capture that w/ nonfiction, because good science fiction is a product of the culture and times. I see a few reviews claim that it seems dated, but I definitely disagree. It's the nuances of AI that really bring it to life for me. Fascinating book, really. Just found out that maybe he was setting up more books in this Sprawl universe, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with this one. I found it interesting that surveillance wasn't a central theme of the book, on the topic of historical relevance. I don't know of any current works of SF, but if I had to write something like that, I'm sure that'd be a major topic. I'm too brainlet to imagine the future of technology however

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Now this is my kind of thread

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