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This is more important than 99% of what /lit/ nerds understand.

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All of the sensual pleasures, pains, and struggles with nihilism lead me to writing my 1st book and opened the door to the next, far better, chapter in life!

Life isn't a simple A to B, and the main thing is to enjoy the journey.

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Book #1
I never promoted it. I sold a bunch of copies at bars for $20. I also slept with a bunch of women who read the book and contacted me afterwards. The real benefit to the first book is how it got me out of the drug / party / hedonistic lifestyle and lead me to my current stable life and my wonderful kid. It was a shock to the system to go from making 8k-10k a month in a Gastown loft to making like 1k a month repairing pallets and living in fucking Ladysmith B.C.

Book #2 I will promote the shit out of it and I will make sales. I've already had people give me money for it and that is just through giving copies to dudes and ladies working at liquor stores.

Where is your sense of adventure anon?

It's exciting to think about how much this 2nd book will change my life too, and I'm stoked to write the 3rd book, which will be a sequel to the 2nd. The coyote-chariots and tribal underground-dwelling crackheads who feed the Stanley Park coyotes steroids and growth hormones is fun to envision and write about! The cavalry charge when they face off against the eco-warriors that are incensed by how much of Stanely Park gets destroyed is hilarious to imagine. I love writing this dystopian comedy.

When you keep talking about "editors, other professionals" you have to keep in mind that so much of what you work is will no longer be in your hands. I designed my own cover and will do so for the rest of my books, it's fun and feels good to do!

>busting their ass all around you

Would you rather bust your ass working 9-5 for someone else, or yourself? You make that choice every single day, anon.

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Sorry, my default state.

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I have figured out the entire process from writing, to editing, to graphic design, to cover, to chopping, to even binding. Just don't have enough practice yet to consistently get the quality I expect in the finished product. Really need to practice with the hot glue perfect binder.

How much money do you have saved? A hot glue perfect binder is only $400-$500 USD.

As far as the book goes, finish the story, edit it with an app to help you quickly spot errors, make sure the story progresses and most loose ends are tied up, leaving a few open for a sequel... voila... you have a book.

Of course people will say it is shit, but like McDoanld's, as long as you scratch an itch for some creativity and a story, people will enjoy it. I truly believe that, since whenever you put on the fucking TV or Netflix these days everything is so fucked.

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