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What literature to read to support this thesis?

The more I think about it, the more it just makes complete sense to me that from a realistic perspective, true evil is entirely fictitious. The kind of villain who's primary motive is to do other's harm for the sake of doing them harm, and that being the singular and only motive, an entirely malevolent existence.

When you look at real people, even the most heinous killers and murderers in history from Jeffrey Dahmer to Hitler to Stalin, all either had severe mental disorders impacting their judgment, and/or a misguided sense of justice and will to bring about their own subjective form of justice. I largely blame Kant for sparking this powerful delusion in us. On a purely biological level, it seems that all living creatures simply seek to proliferate the mechanisms of their survival, however incoherent some instances of this might appear to most of us.

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