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What value is there, according to Nietzsche, in not being resentful towards the strong(er) when the resentful can easily turn the tables by the promulgation of slave-morality?

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ITT: Philosophers who were wrong about everything

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Other than books by Nietzsche what are some books about taking action in your life

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>She was a beautiful innocent creature, what'd she ever do to you? You fuckin' killed her! You killed her, you fuckin' killed her!

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The trouble with Nietzsche's physical unfitness is that it makes all his philosophizing seem like it comes from a personal position of yearning. All his valorization of strength, of beauty, of vigor, of forcefulness being the dominant paradigm of the greatest men, when you learn what he was like as a human being it all starts to seem less like some objective philosophical notion he conceived of and more like him projecting his own greatest desires onto a philosophical framework. He craved after something he didn't have and it shaped how he philosophized.

It makes you think Chesterton kind of has a point when he talks about Nietzsche's philosophy being the "philosophy of weak nerves." Nieztsche saying the things he does hits a bit differently when you learn what his own physical condition was like.

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The thing many Christians do not appreciate about Nietzsche is that he is in fact entirely accurate about many things in the modern world. This is because, though one may believe that God exists, the modern world operates, and is constructed, on the supposition that God does not exist. The entirety of the modern West, ruled by Liberalism and Enlightenment ideas, takes as implicitly true the idea that "God is dead." All our laws, all our philosophy, all our understanding of the arts and sciences, at least in academia, posit a fundamentally atheistic universe.

Which is why Nietzsche is such a powerful, and accurate, critic of our world, of his own time but even moreso of ours. Because Nietzsche very accurately foresaw the fate that would befall a Godless world. Or, rather, the fate that would befall a world that killed God and did not replace Him. This is entirely why Nietzsche's project is to find a replacement for God, in the form of the Overman, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and the other elements of his writings. Nietzsche wants to find a replacement for God because he knows the world needs it, if it is going to survive. And, now, in our modern world, we DON'T have a replacement for God, and we are slowly withering into suicide and decay, precisely as Nietzsche predicted.

If God is real, of course Nietzsche is wrong. But if God is not real, or if society chooses to act as if God is not real, then of course Nietzsche is right. In a world that supposes that God is not real, Nietzsche is the ONLY philosopher that is right. He therefore easily refutes every other atheistic/non-theistic thinker. This, in turn, can make him surprisingly useful as a critic of atheistic thinkers.

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>The only God I can believe in is one that knows how to dance.
What did he mean by this?

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What would Nietzsche think of the Iranian Revolution? Ressentiment against the West? Or Iranians exercising their will to power?

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What did he think of Islam? I know Machiavelli and Rousseau both liked Islam, and that Hitler and Himmler explicitly wished Germany had been a Muslim country instead of Christian

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But it's absolutely the correct reading. And, moreover, it puts Marx in the exact historical and literary context in which he belongs. It puts him in the same context as Nietzsche, and Kierkegaard, and in fiction people like the Bronte sisters in England. They were all different, of course, in many ways, but not as much as you might think.

All of these people, what pulls them together? It's that they are post-Enlightenment, post-French-Revolution, post-Napoleon. Their faith in Christendom has already been shaken by Enlightenment writers and thinkers like Voltaire, and by the overwhelming post-Christian intellectual project of Hegel. They are all aware, even if some of them instinctively, that the Christian project has run out of steam and must be replaced. So what replaces it? What fuels the world in the future, if Faith in Jesus Christ must be abandoned and seen as ridiculous at best, harmful at worst?

Every major Romantic thinker and writer grappled with this issue, INCLUDING Marx. Indeed, someone once said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was in some ways a tragedy, even if you weren't a Marxist, because it represented the final, last defeat of Romanticism, and all its passionate dreams of a post-Christian "better world."

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I'm starting to think he's only a materialist in an aesthetic sense...

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When did this board became so anti-Nietzsche?
You literally can't have any thread discussing his philosophy without a billion replies like
>Lmao cuck virgin
>Lonely little faggot
>Wagner was better

I remember this board used to love discussing Nietzsche

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>amor fati
>Nooo not like this stoicists, you're weak

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When are we going to get a Nietzsche biopic, /lit/ and /tv/ bros?

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why should I trust nietzsche? He just makes statements without any proofs

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>they hated him because he told the truth

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>I did not care for Wagner, didn’t like him. He insists upon himself. His operas take forever to getting in. They spend nearly six and a half hours, and then you know, I can't even get through them, I can't even finish those operas. I've never even seen the ending of Parsifal. I have tried on three separate occasions to get through it. I have no idea what they're talking about, It's like there speaking a different language. I love Carmen, that’s a good opera.

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>clean your room bucko

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what should I read to grasp nietzsche? I tried beyond good and evil, but it's mostly him commenting on other philosophers while being rather vague, and zarathrusta is a novel

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When will people learn that he didn't argue for anything and people only pretend to be "Nietzscheans" because they're attracted to his edgelord aesthetic? You can't be a "Nietzschean" if Nietzsche didn't develop an epistemological framework, or a system of ideal action, or anything universal. In fact, he literally denied objective truth, and was a perspectivist. Stop being cringe and participate within society.

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Bros, I tried, but I don't think I can become Nietzschean. I find the concept of slavery to simply be too cruel.

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>Hey kids, ever read the iliad or the odyssey? Just be like those guys.
Wow, what a brilliant man.

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I heard someone say that you should read Nietzsche right after the Greeks, is this true? I'm about to finish the Greeks myself.

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>Hated Christianity and thought it and it's teachings should be done away with.
>"All morality is subjective and if a man's going to survive nihilism he needs to come up with a moral code of his own, one that matters to him, and follow it so that life has meaning."
Did it never occur to him that even if a Christian was to accept the assertion that all morality was subjective then he could still remain a Christian, following Christian morality because it was his preferred morality, that which had meaning to him, even if it was subjective as opposed to creating an entirely new moral standard to follow? There's supposed to be a profound gravity between Nietzsche "BTFOing" Christianity and his concept of the Overman but there really isn't.

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