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anons, where do i consume new short stories? any journals that y'all recommend? i assume the crowd has some reservations about the new yorker

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Every day, you make this thread. And every day, I have to click on that little dropdown arrow, and select "Hide thread," even though I don't give a single shit about this dumb Paki and his retarded videogame. Please, Anon. I know that you're not going to stop. Just tell me this: Why? Why are you doing a free (?) advertisement campaign for this pajeet and his stupid reality TV show? Please just tell me. I might be able to accept it then.

Here I am, I guess.

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I've always struggled with this.
My fetish is vore-consumerism (or in other words, vore where people eat each other in department stores and other stores). It is a hard fetish to realise in real life, I tend to go to stores and watch people and film them and masturbate to instances where peoples mouths go close to other peoples flesh for example in a busy line. Every book I write ends up with a scene where someone eats someone in a department store. The first couple of books I wrote were zombie based so it was easy but recently I have been inserting it into novels and childrens books. fucking sucks, ruins my narratives hard.

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>can't write unless either drunk enough to silence stifling negativity or stim'd up enough to overcome it

farewell, sweet liver

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>pic related

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