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NEVER focus on what others are doing
NEVER compare yourself to others
This is YOUR life
You don't need to cope
My friend, you need to get started

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45 of Mr. Hitchens on top form if you haven't seen it. An absolute blooter.


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Dirty leftists are currently trying to corrupt this fash board, stay safe, anons

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I understand now...

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The Pali Anguttara Nikaya (A.I.8-10) states:[8]

"Luminous, monks, is the mind. And it is freed from incoming defilements. The well-instructed disciple of the noble ones discerns that as it actually is present, which is why I tell you that — for the well-instructed disciple of the noble ones — there is development of the mind."[9]

A parallel passage can be found in the Śāriputrābhidharma, an Abhidharma treatise possibly of the Dharmaguptaka tradition.[7]

Another mention of a similar term in the Pali discourses occurs in the Brahmanimantaṇika-sutta of the Majjhima-nikāya and in the Kevaḍḍha-sutta of the Dīgha-nikāya, the latter has a parallel in a Dharmaguptaka collection surviving in Chinese translation.[7] The Brahmanimantaṇika-sutta describes an “invisible consciousness” (viññāṇaṃ anidassanaṃ) that is "infinite” (anantaṃ), and “luminous in every way” (sabbato pabhaṃ). However, there is disagreement among the various editions of the Pāli Canon as to whom the statement is spoken by, and in some editions it seems as if it is spoken not by the Buddha but by the deva Baka Brahma in a debate with the Buddha.[7] The Chinese parallel to the Brahmanimantaṇika-sutta has the term used by Baka Brahma.[7]

The Kevaḍḍha-sutta and its parallel in the Dharmaguptaka Dīrgha-āgama meanwhile, does have a statement spoken by the Buddha which mentions luminous consciousness. The Dīrgha-āgama sutra states:

Consciousness that is invisible, Infinite, and luminous of its own: This ceasing, the four elements cease, Coarse and subtle, pretty and ugly cease. Herein name-and-form cease. Consciousness ceasing, the remainder [i.e. name-and-form] also ceases.[7]

However, Analayo mentions that parallel recensions of this sutra in other languages such as Sanskrit and Tibetan do not mention luminosity (pabhaṃ) and even the various Pali editions do not agree that this verse mentions luminosity, sometimes using pahaṃ ( "given up") instead of pabhaṃ.[7] Whatever the case, according to Analayo, the passage refers to "the cessation mode of dependent arising, according to which name-and-form cease with the cessation of consciousness".[7]

According to Bhikkhu Brahmāli, the references to luminosity in the Brahmanimantaṇika-sutta refers to states of samadhi known only to ariyas (noble ones), while the pabhassaracitta of Anguttara Nikaya (A.I.8-10) is a reference to the mind in jhana.[10] He cites a common passage which notes that the mind with the five hindrances is not considered radiant and thus it makes sense to say that a mind in jhana, which does not have the five hindrances, can be said to be radiant:

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Purely pessimistic philosophy is ultimately immature. When pessimism reaches the deepest of its depths, it comes out the other side in the form of optimism. Nothing matters? All is worthless? Pain, suffering, and boredom are all guarantees? Good, there's no pressure, we will be feeling these no matter what. They cannot be escaped. So let's build a better world. Or leave this one. Both would be nothing but a gift, we can't lose anything for trying, and can only gain.

Nietzsche's optimistic break from Schopenhauer is the more constructive, more useful, it is deeper. Schoppy was wise, but he like all men had blinders. Nietzsche took them off him.

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you dont need books.
the answer is within your heart :)

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>tfw deleuzo-traditionalist

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Goodnight fren.

Remember to meditate if you can’t sleep or have things on your mind.

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>The secret to doing things is to do them.
wow I see now anon, thank you

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>doesn’t long for the release of the void

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>A famous NDE suggesting people are having sensory experiences when the body's senses were blocked or not functioning was the subject of a television documentary, "The Day I Died," and reported in Light and Death, a book by cardiologist Dr. Michael Sabom.59 To remove a deadly large aneurysm from beneath her brain, Pam Reynolds was put into a state of hypothermic cardiac arrest. Her body temperature was lowered to 60 degrees, her heartbeat and breathing were stopped, and the blood was drained from her head; her brain waves flattened, showing no brain activity.

>After her successful operation, she was warmed and her own blood was returned to her body. When she could communicate, she reported a startling near-death experience. She gave remarkably accurate, detailed descriptions of the surgical procedure. She reported that someone in the operating room said something about her arteries being small, and she described the Midas Rex bone saw as looking like an electric toothbrush, having interchangeable blades, and a high-pitched whirring sound.

>These things she saw and heard occurred during the time when she was deeply unconscious, but before the blood was actually drained from her. During the time she described hearing and seeing details, her eyes were taped shut and her ears were plugged with devices that monitored her brain stem activity. These devices produced loud clicks measuring 95 decibels at a rate of 11.3 clicks per second, drowning out all outside noise.60

>Pam went on to describe a remarkable NDE experience that could have happened either when she was unconscious and sensory deprived or while she was brain dead. During the neardeath experience, she reported floating out of the operating room and traveling down a tunnel to a light at the end where her deceased relatives and friends were waiting. Her long-dead grandmother was there. Eventually, her deceased uncle took her back and she re-entered her body.

>She said that during the experience, she saw with vision that was "brighter and more focused and clearer than normal vision." When she heard her deceased grandmother calling, the sound was clearer hearing than she had with her ears, but her auditory functions were shut down by noise and unconsciousness. Five eminent cardiac and medical specialists (Dr. Sam Parnia, Dr. Van Lommel, Dr. Robert Spetzler, Dr. Peter Fenwick, and Dr. Michael Sabom) all supported the accuracy of Pam’s stated experience during her clinical death, reporting that "What she saw corresponded to what actually happened." 61 She saw and heard details while either sensory deprived and unconscious, with her eyes taped shut and hearing blocked by loud clicks, or while she was brain dead.

This single medical case BTFOes ALL atheistic and materialistic philosophy and literature plus half of all Western thought.

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dont kill yourself
kill your self

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>"badass" Nietzsche, Rand, and Stirner philosophies are developed by coffeehouse nerds who can't do 5 pushups in a row and aren't applied in reality; only professed by fedora+cargoshortsites
>"weak" philosophies like Christianity, Buddhism, Stoicism, etc. constantly produce warriors, kings, soldiers, and emperors
Is reality simply the best judge of philosophy?

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Are you part of the intellectual dark web, /lit/?

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