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idk but there's also a lot of people who can write in a language but cant speak it which is weird. also checked

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Socialism is a pretty broad term. Fitzhugh promotes a socialism that elevates the African-American class. The state would protect the industry from the vicious tides of free-labor capitalism.

I wish the people on this board actually fucking read the books they talk about

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They're suprisingly more pretentious than /lit/ so all their haughty is nothing but hot air

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>picture of dogs

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This except unironically

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>Dostoyevsky is in his top 5

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t. bootlicker
you definitely sound more balanced and virtuous than the people who know children are capable of pleasure and love

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Every time I come back to 4chan to waste more time I regret it

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You retards can't even realize that its a commentary on otherness and belonging, and you call yourself patrician

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What's the /lit/ equivalent of Seinfeld? Specifically the George Costanza property of Seinfeld.

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>waiting for godot

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What's with all these people suddenly wanting to become comedians? No one respects a clown, OP

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sweet n sour + honey mustard + ketchup shouldn't even be legal

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>you had to click on monism

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>Not starting with the Proto-Indo-Europeans

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>not bringing your own book with you to your destination

Anon, please...

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>Not reading at Waffle House.

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>reading translations

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>You right wingers need to accept brexit has fucked the UK's economy.
Calm down Samantha.

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>Fuck you for being an "adult"
>Sure, I love YA as much as Proust, Nabokov, and Woolf.
>And I have read way more than the average joe. Like 800
>Yet, I feel the need sometimes to read something YA at times.

>Yet, I feel the need to eat shit at times.

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>using a highlighter
>taking physical notes
Literally the dumbest shit. Write notes and passages in a word document instead.

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