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I wish I had read these before I went off to college. I would have been so much more open to the ideas of the word and the vast scope of knowledge as an end in and of itself.

If I could do it all over again…

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Stop thinking you are too smart to do simple things.

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For the number of people on here that complain about writers block, adhd, and motivation you would think those books would help, but everyone always says they are “repetitious of the same thing and shouldn’t be books” but the problem with that is the people who need the message need it bashed into their skull repeatedly. Some of the most effective ways of learning are not simply understanding a concept, but having it massaged into your subconscious as to make any action work within the framework without realizing it.

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What is the ultimate way to approach mastering the art of learning for someone who hasn’t made any effort to study anything school related?

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>And I just cling to the vague hope that maybe someday something good will happen.
And that is your human nature. So either you rebel against it and kill yourself, or give into it and continue to live.

You seem to have already chosen the latter, so the next step now is embrace. Embrace living, stop hoping, and start working. Chance is fickle and uncertain, so seize control and start working towards what you want, or wish for in this life.

Identify your goal in this life, however pointless or arbitrary it may be, then identify how you would like to live your life and achieve said goal. It can be as simple and banal as a a house and a wife, or as grand as greatness and heroism. And you can live in absolute eudaimonia or complete hedonia, whichever you see fit. Remember, there are no absolutes, and life is what you make of it.

Pic related for practical shit you can implement in your journey

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Also Aristotle’s rhetoric and Smart Notes.

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Self help is good when it’s a book that teaches you a skill or a mental model. Self help that is “motivational” or “modern philosophy” is garbage.

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I also wanted to add this and merge it with the two initial books shown. I would begin with Adlers ‘How to Read a book’.

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Similar vein

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Perfect thread for a retarded chart for retards.

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Look ma, I made a retarded chart for retards.

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Here are the good ones.

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Sounds like you should have chosen a major you found more interesting.

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