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Fascism is often called the "Third Position" or vice versa. In most cases it was an attempt to combine organic nationalism with socialism or syndicalism of some kind. The idea being that it takes the best of the left (critique of the effects of capitalism and the dislocations of industrialism, technology, and modernity) while avoiding its worst elements (naive utopian internationalism and a "workers' consciousness" that never really materialised) with the best of the right (genuine love of one's community and people, duty, willingness to sacrifice and serve the greater good) while avoiding its worst (mere preservation of old customs for the sake of preserving them, which often meant preserving corrupt old elites who were in bed with capitalist classes anyway).

Some of the best writing on fascism as a third position stresses that it was anti-bourgeois, and anti-liberal, the ideology of the bourgeoisie which is really a halfway ideology that NOMINALLY allows for freedom and dignity of every individual but in PRACTICE allows for the domination by established/moneyed classes. Not only did it have this anti-bourgeois critical stance in common with the left, it derived much of it from the left directly.

Right and left by themselves don't mean much. After WW2, the "right" was propagandistically and ideologically subverted by shit like libertarianism, which is yet another fake-out by the moneyed classes to make the lower classes not recognise they are being screwed.

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My nigga

What about Peronism?

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