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Its necessary. If you don't call it out it becomes normal to you and you start making the same errors.
Striving for perfection is natural.

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>oh look its this thread again
idk what's typical but this is fairly close
>wake up at 16
>smoke a cigarette and drink some weird japanese coffee my russian girlfriend gave me
>it's not good, but at least it's strong
>shower, shave
>smoke another cigarette while making scrambled eggs
>glance at my texts, will later pretend i didn't see them
>morning whiskey to wake up
>short walk around the city. eavesdrop on random conversations
>return home. make notes on what i overheard. will later incorporate into writings
>check emails for translation requests on obscure language i know. work on the translations. send them back.
>daily reading session
>quickly discover i can't focus on the text. daydream a lot while smoking continuously.
>go outside. consume unholy amounts of fried chicken.
>around 23, call dealer
>gf comes over. she asks what i read today. i lie and say i read something russian
>around midnight begin to ingest bolivian marching powder
>invite friends
>unpredictable events until 5 or 6
>eventually send everyone out of my flat
>coffee, whiskey and cigarettes while browsing the internet
>write poems while tired, but the energy of writing keeps me going
>remind myself that i'm a fraud and a degenerate around 8 or 9 and all my efforts are futile
>smoke a cigarette
>drag myself into my unmade bed

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At least you woke up at 9:30 am tho

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>no frames

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