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I want to get rid of jealousy. Books to help me?

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>PhD, Aerospace Engineering
I like books.

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Books on how to stop being mentally weak?

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Is there a book on how to stop being a coward?
I mean cowardice in everything.
For example, I see a certain opportunity in life.
I never go ahead, even though I notice the opportunity.
Someone deserves to hear something mean.
I don't say it. I cop out.
On the rare times that I do speak out, my voice trembles like a child who's just about to cry.

I want to put an end to cowardice once and for all. What book can help me?

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I'm extremely sensitive. Not just in the sense that I get offended easily, I do, but also my insides burn to crisp if someone gets one up in an argument with me and the thought stays inside of me for weeks.

I want to change this. Not sure how, which is why I turn to you, /lit/. Are there any books that can help me achieve my goal?

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Is there a book that'll lift me from an always-resentful state of mind caused by life situations?

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Books about dealing with loneliness?

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Any books to cure seething? I don't want to seethe anymore no matter what. All opinions I disagree with and attacks that strike a sensitive nerve will be brushed aside as they come.

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Books that argue against suicide without basing arguments on religious reasons?

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I'm a cold hearted asshole. Is there a book I could read to adopt empathy in me?

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Baudelaire's Paris Spleen
I'm a serious drug addict. Friends pick jokes at me for being a little crazy during highschool but although I've been sober for a bit the habit is definitely still there. I'd love to say that I've quit for good but that's definitely not the case, I look through my grandparent's medication daily and still try to seek drugs from dealers although my family moved out of the city so I wouldn't have access.

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the vaporwave/cypherpunk aesthetic and of course >>15599923

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Literature to cope with the blackpill and being fetishized for your race, looks and physique? Im dating a legit 9/10 hiso thai model who works in finance and she tells me she doesnt date her own race because they look like little babies with no muscle. At 20 this would have pushed my ego and i have would have enjoyed it but now at 25 this is just making me sad and makes me blood boil aswell. Nobody likes you for who you truly are but your mom. How do i cope with this? Life just seems so superficial and fake.

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>befriend somebody only if there is something to gain and learn from him
>ghost him the second there is no net benefit more left and i have milked him out of his knowledge and skills
Books for this feel? Why do i feel so much better on my own? Im my own best friend, why the fuck would i need to spend my time with somebody else if there is no advantage involved. Even when we talk pure hedonism, what sort of gay nigga are you to be doing coke or booze with a nigga instead of a fine whore? Muh bros, muh crew, muh normie bullshit. Feelsgood to have grown out of this meme at 24 and now i can spend my money alone and in peace. Freedom and silence is worth more than gold my young niggas. Take notes

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can somebody explain to me why incels dont cope with intellectualism, spirituality and ascetism? one can argue an enlightened tibetian monk is going to be more happy than a drunk high school chad with elevated prolactin and rekt dopamine receptors with frequent fucking and degeneracy. why do they wallow in misery? what do they gain from it?

the issue here is that i dont know if its that easy because i might have an edge to be normal looking and have experienced sex, love and affection in my youth to realise that the high aint sustainable like everything and i feel better on celibacy and semen retention. so you cant actually blame them? how can one help them then?

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made me realise what an absolute failure i am. im a literal caveman who does nothing but lift up heavy objects and gets trashed on the weekend. i have no hobbies, no other interests, no purpose, no dreams, no endgame, no nothing. all i know is how to track macros to get lean and how to fuck coked up whores on kamagra. i went for a walk today and some girl asked me for the way and i was genuinenly confused. i was almost stuttering. like i dont know how to socialize without alcohol or what there is even to talk about. i continued hiking and all i thought about is how would i even talk to females sober and it legit made no sense to me. i havent had sober sex not even once.

am i an alcoholic? how the fuck do i change? what do normal people even talk about all day? im a retired neet who got lucky in life. i didnt work a single day in my life. im 25 and been drinking for over a decade.

what should i read? what will set me free? stoics? zen buddhism? christ? kant? schopenhauer? nietzsche?

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Books to read when feeling depressed because no friends and lack of human interactions/affection?

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I'm wondering though, if the "lol I'm dead" thing isn't just the expression of the fatigue of being watched and watching constantly, not of putting up a face, but of having to be honest and meaningful and important at all times. Despite the lack of an accepted higher purpose, the millennial condition (ugh) seems too rich in transcendence than lacking on it. Too much abundance of perspective, too much eternal recurrence, too much only this life, too life imperative, too much release, too much voluntarism, not enough listening to tires on the asphalt behind the windows, not enough pettiness and stubbornness... So death doesn't become the release that you would think it; instead death means finally become a Thing. One doesn't committ suicide for oneself bet for the world.


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Comfy lit?

I like the chapters where Aomame and Tengo are looking for each other.

Any other examples of comfy lit/chapters etc

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