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So I have a slew of Penguins but I just got one in the mail that looks normal but is glossy everywhere, even the spine. It’s hard to show in a pic so here’s a hot girl instead. Is this book a misprint?

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Great horror novel.

>please give reasons
Some kino moments like the levitating jamaican, the painting in the trailer park, ronald mcdonald eating himself, and probably my favorite thing in anything horror was when the shadow people, for a second, switch out amy with a badly made mannequin.

Also Pargin is a funny motherfucker. I enjoyed the other 2 books as well. The first two are both pretty flawed. JDATE gets a bit WHAM! Pow! and then SLURP!!—and they turned the corner and KAZAM! in a few spots. TBIFOS: Pargin seems to have taken a writing course or something and it makes the whole ride unnatural and boring in some spots and there is a lot less John. Memorable POMO ending though.

And then there's WTHDIJR which was excellent. It went back to the organic structure of JDATE but cleaned up and mature. Funny, creepy, a bit too personally cutting, and so weird that I did say the stupid title to myself when I finished and made the connection a few minutes after staring out the train window. "Diogee" still makes me laugh and the fuckroaches were great. I still have no idea what the Min statues were about.

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Overrated by whom?

What "crazy shit" did Joyce think and reproduce in his books?

What do you mean by "crackhead ethos"?

How do you mean? Compared to whom?

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>So, Anon, what is your favorite book and why?

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Happy to embiggen. One of my favorite novels + I re-read it about once a year just for kicks. It has my favourite passage of any book ever in it.

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>no answer

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>The waste land and other poems is decent,
English speakers don't make this mistake, cuz.

If you are and did and have neurological problems, that's fine I guess. We can be friends. But Eliot doesn't match up to what's listed above by me and others. Not sure what your high regard for his is based on. Let's compare quotes. I'm sure I can crush Eliot. And I'm up for it.

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Books about why that since 2016 the amount of "incel" threads (How to get a GF/Job, ect) has increased on this board? Is America to blame? Is it the economy?

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