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Seeking to act in accordance with divine will will eventually lead you to the Logos made flesh, i.e. Christ. This is where everything culminates and comes together.

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>accept Christ
Is this the key to everything, unironically?

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> run by whom
> entities
“God” “Yahweh” aka Yaldabaoth, the great Deceiver.
> to what end
> to farm something
To harvest us for delicious soulfood.
The Universe is a granary, our souls are wheat for Its unnatural appetites.
The gnostic seeker aspires to break through the walls of this material prison on the wings of fire, the wisdom of the Dove.
> refute
I actually haven’t made up my mind though. I think an anti-gnostic cosmology would be one in which the spirit and nature are part of the same self-rejuvenating continuum, such as Taoism or Shintoism. Gnosticism sees nature as illusory and therefore evil; but what of the souls of trees, the souls of birds and flowers? Are they not Saved? Is nature not perfect already?

I still can’t decide if I’m a Gnostic or a Taoist, bros.

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