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What books do I read to win word games against leftists? I fall behind solely on hard hitting sentences in arguments against them. I don't even know how their lines pack so much energy.

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If you support the fascist, theocratic, illegitimate, racist, war-crime commuting apartheid settler state of Israel you’re not a real leftist, simple as.

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I'm bitter 24/7. Books to fix my insides?

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Today I walked my dog without wearing a mask.
Literally no one called me out, people are sick of this COVID shit.

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This thread glows

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You do know you just posted an image of a naked sexualized child, right?

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Do regular guys even have a chance with girls like this?
I mean, the fact that she’s encouraging must mean something

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How do I cope with the fact our world is becoming like the world state (dystopia)?

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For anyone wondering, M2 is a monetary index, calculated as thus:

High-power money + deposits

This index represents the second most liquid form of capital in an economy, all the currency available to the public and the one stored in private banks.
A massive increase in M2 makes every unit of currency lose purchasing power due to inflation.

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This exactly.
I guess I’ve grown skeptical of alarmists in general.
You have these people screaming that the world is going to become an overpopulated, resource-scarce hellhole, or the environmentalists saying at the current rate the Earth will become uninhabitable and we have already crossed the point of no return.
If they are true and we are in danger being a doomsayer is probably the worst way to go about making people care.
I really think the media (and shills on social media, including 4chan) participate in fearmongering campaigns so you become a panicky, easily manipulated animal.
Western elites are agitating about Afghanistan to drum up support for a war, but I really don’t care that the Taliban won or if they are oppressing women over there. In all likelihood they aren’t, and Western MSM is churning out these fake news to get the masses to support another invasion.
Truth is that there’s really no reason to get agitated about Afghanistan.

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Is irnos even possible for average guys like me to hook up with OnlyFans models or isn’t she trolling?

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As a self-described sadist I think Sade did touch on something important but he’s vastly overestimating it.
I enjoy ryona and find it sexually arousing but I’m also an otherwise good and decent person that helps whenever I can.
Yes, people can be downright sadistic but he’s also ignoring the other side of human nature, which is altruistic and empathetic, and I’m willing to venture that the good outweighed the bad in most cases.

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This is literally what 90% of people living in “shithole” countries do.
The basic incentive to participate in capitalism is that if you work hard you can become rich, but what happens when this isn’t possible, as it is in the global south? Capitalism as it’s practiced in the global south is early stage, meaning there are almost no workers’ rights, the middle class is tiny and the working class is massive, with only a minority of the population being kleptocrats kept in power through support by first world countries so foreign companies can extract their resources.
The path to becoming rich is therefore blocked for the working-class, those who have talent, intelligence and ambition just move to first-world countries, the rest seeing that they can’t become rich short their priorities to something other than waging. They typically get a job and do it half-assedly or just go on welfare altogether, preferring to spend their time with their families, cultivating spirituality or chasing after skirts.
And there’s literally nothing wrong with this, if there are no incentives to work hard, don’t work hard.
The result is the economies of the global south underperform because no one is motivated to be productive and consequently GDP and HDI suffer because their governments don’t have enough of a tax base to keep roads clean and non-bumpy (and because the politicians are corrupt and embezzle the funds anyways).
But the funny thing is that people living in those countries tend to be happier because they aren’t materialistic/consumeristic and focus on other more important shit like familia and relationships.
A big reason first world wagies are so depressed is because they feel the pressure of society to be “successful” when success means being rich but they can’t be rich anymore because of neoliberal policies which prevents the middle class from being upwardly mobile (a large middle class is the staple of middle stage capitalism and the backbone of a productive economy).
I recommend first worlders to become let go of societal pressure and just become NEETs, no point in getting frustrated and waging your life away, focus on shit that actually makes you happy instead of society’s idea of success.

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Why can’t we have all the comforts of civilization while being as fulfilled as this man?
I want to have my cake and eat it too, there has to be a way without tradeoffs.

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I agree but i also haven't read him either. He gives me the same vibes as Bolaño.

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>He was right about Hegel
Implies that you have read what Schopenhauer wrote about Hegel.
Implies that you have directly read.
Implies that you not only have read but also mastered the Hegelian project.
Based if true.
Of course there is always the possibility that the intent of Schopenhauer was not to engage with the Hegelian project at all but to deceive future generations into a state of blissful ignorance to avoid struggling with his ideas.

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There are also more people living right now that people who have died throughout history so it is expected that suffering also increases but i would say that the suffering per capita is much lower than at any other moment in history. Why? because the possibilities for personal fulfillment are more accesible to us than they were to our predecessors.

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What’s the name of that instrument that makes really aristocratic sounding music?
I think it’s some type of piano or organ.

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>mfw when I get that reference
Time to get off the internet

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Slavery in the Arab world was a million times better than in the New World.
Slaves would live in their master’s luxurious villas and were set free after a few years of service, since they were castrated the status of slave couldn’t be passed on from father to son.
Contrast New World whites which kept their slaves in hot and humid plantations full of mosquitos, kept them for life and the status of slave was hereditary, which incentives them to breed them because they were too cheap stakes to buy more.

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Can you be virgin and a great writer at the same time?

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Books for this mood?

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Why are leftists usually well read than the right?

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The values are all different.
In the civilizations of antiquity, beauty was that at a premium.
Their slave economies were not geared to produce wealth but rather to complete the tasks necessary for civilization while be free citizens, free from the yoke of labor, could hone their skill in the arts. In this context cosmopolitanism meant the exchange of culture between civilizations.
In the modern world our economies are capitalistic, which are geared to produce an abundance of wealth and goods.
Beauty is therefore secondary, as it sheer quantity could make up for a deficit in beauty.
Cosmopolitanism in this context means the free exchange of culture as commodified into goods.
A Greek would never say that they need more aliens because they bring their food with them but a modern absolutely does, because to them the alien represents more and exotic goods to pile on the heap, instead of cultural exchange to embellish his civilization.

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