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I've already given up on becoming rich or famous. Even though I share most of my writings online for free, not many care. I guess I just want to leave some proof behind that I existed, that I tried to create something different, instead of just being wagecuck number 903816478113.

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I can't write in my own language at all. I get lost in inane style-over-substance trickery that I hate immediately after and can't get the message out. I'm blind to my own bullshit and always end up massproducing drivel that makes no sense on closer scrutiny.

Writing in another language forces me to think more carefully about what I'm trying to say, and allows me to just stick to the point.

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I recently thought I'd try edit a story I wrote 3 years ago. I expected it to be something awful, but to my surprise, it was still fun to read. In fact, it made me feel I've actually regressed as a writer. My text may be grammatically cleaner now and the ideas presented clearer, but there was this certain youthful energy and wit on those pages that I lost along the way.

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How do you get to that shill mentality? I'm an artist, not a salesman. The mere thought of talking about my works to someone if they don't ask first just disgusts me, let alone doing all that buy-buy-buy spiel. Whenever I see some self-published faggot bluntly selling their shit online, all I can think about is what fucking tool and a clown they are. I don't want anyone to feel the same way about me. Then again, for reasons I can't understand, those clowns have followers while I don't.

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>spend years practicing various skills to become a modern rennaissance man
>successfully graduate with a degree
>finally, it's time to go pro
>write smart, insightful books
>they don't sell
>draw online graphic novels
>no one reads them
>be poor and unknown
>meanwhile some 11-year-old who posts crappy animu fan art has 15k followers on twitter and hundreds of comments per each work

It's better to try and fail than to never even try, right?

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