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How does one motivate themselves to enjoy reading for the sake of language?
For the past year or more, I find myself skimming long paragraphs of wordsmithing so that I can just get to the plot. I get that there's tremendous work put into stringing verbose sentences, but I can't for the life of me "get into it" anymore.
Used to like poetry, but even that's been lost to me. At this rate, I might as well start pulling up wiki entries instead

On the other hand, I could listen to musical pieces over and over, analysing every single detail put into the songs like the production quality, chord progression etc. How do force myself to give the same reading level of appreciation again

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If you had the power to resurrect one book character, who would you bring back from the dead?

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Reminder that Palmer Eldritch did nothing wrong.

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I love the Mule I want his autograph.

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