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Do you even understand what you just typed you utter brainlet.

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>those numbers

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>world building

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Can someone pls explain philosophy to me? Like, how are people still arguing about this stuff after 2500 years? Shouldn't it be easy enough to tell who's right?

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Who are the 5 greatest English language prose stylists of the 20th century?

I need to answer this for my homework and if I get it wrong I'll fail my class.

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Books about how politics is for brainlets?

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This is my hairline and I'm 24

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>it's about one hung nigga's slow descent into fuckin a pawg milf and having their husband eat the cum out of their pussy and then sissifying their asocial gamer son and gangbanging mother and sissified son at the same time while their husband/father sniffs the sissified son's panties and climaxes by ejaculating a pitiful load from his tiny white dick onto his son's face, at the same time the nigga fills the milf to the brim with thick ropes of cum and as the husband sucks his dick clean the nigga whispers in his ear while pointing to the milf's overflowing pussy "this one will worship my black dick too"

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