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Well... books like Confederacy of Dunces was rejected so many times before it won a fucking pulitzer?

I mean, there is plenty of garbage published. I bought "The Glass Hotel" after seeing Obama recommend it, thinking that it must be good for a President to comment on it.

Fuck it is so boring. I fell asleep reading it every single time. Gave up halfway through.

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Last book I read by a woman.


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Even though I agree with your post, I am confident that there really isn't that many COTC or Gothic Violence threads... I mean, I see them about as often as Bronze Age Pervert who is also shilled here. That's pretty much it. Three whole authors who have shills posting here. Kind of sad, actually, you'd think for people so interested in books this place would have more influence than Karens on GoodReads who help launch the next female author into stardom because of some boring ass shit like the Glass Hotel.

I heard Obama give this book a shout out so I figured, hey, I'll give it a shot... made it halfway through and just got so incredibly bored by it. Like nothing ever happens and everything is so dry.

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