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Probably "Paradise Forever" and "The Future is Paradise." The last two parts of a thing called "Paradise" by Jon Buck. I have a habit of reading wacky shit on the Internet, and Paradise is definitely not at the top, but it's still some pretty neurotic shit.

Basically, the Universe is actually a computer program, and its creator decides to fuck over humanity by creating little "viruses" that turn humans into furries exponentially, By year 1, 1 person is transformed, another next year, two the next, so on, until by 2020, everybody is affected. There's also a weirdness censor, which makes only people affected see their true state, until 2010 or so, when the barrier dies and then everybody is fucking confused. Oh, a large portion of the population also had the gender changed by the viruses in such a way that all traces of them except people's memories have switched them to their new "gender." That is not how it works, but it just helps with the oddity factor Jon was going at (even if it was for writing in people's personas and giving them fantasy fulfillment).
The two stories I mentioned at the beginning are about the year 2063 and 2064, when humanity (not really that anymore lol) finds out about those viruses, and is able to fiddle around with them. Eventually, people are able to switch their species and sex as much as they want (because apparently being stuffed in a body you don't want for several decades is completely fine), so now people on Earth (at least the USA, hopefully) don't really have an identity or face; just hundreds of bodies stuffed in one, which is constantly at the mercy of those bodies.

Overall, I think Jon's setting is perfect for something extremely depressing and having to do with Multiple Personality Disorder or the like, but the way he writes it makes it feel weirder.

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