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Why is /lit/ so anti-scientific? Is because you are trying to get a job in a branch of academia that has little to do with science?

Hmmm...kinda makes you feel like a charlatan doesn't it?

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This isn't literature. Kindly fuck off

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People here aren't anti-science, they are against the modern dogma that science is the be all end all of truth. I'm a scientist myself and agree.

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>I'm a scientist myself and agree.
Shut the fuck up lol.

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No one is against science, but the logic of "science" shouldn't be extended to the humanities. Doing so is actually the opposite of the empiricism which makes science so successful. I'm saying this as a CS grad

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>I'm saying this as a CS grad
Shut the fuck up lol.

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You fucking love science, don't you?

If you do science you'll find out that shit is not as pure as you think. Economics has a nasty habit for unreplicatable experiments, shitty or just plain unexisting meta-analyses, effect sizes smaller than your dad's dick and confidence margins wider than your mum's cunt. And that's with the incredible toolset we have, still. I don't know what happens in psychology and biology and G-d forbid sociology, but my gut tells me it's not much better there.

And everybody here loves maths, probably, so I don't get what are you baiting about.

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/lit/ isn't anti-scientific in the slightest. If you make a shitty bait at least don't make it even worse by replying like an autistic /b/tard to every post.

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>tfw when big brained nigga who to smart for college

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>Dude, I have disproved science with radical asceticism
>Lol but I'm still a positivist, what are you fucking retarded?

What was Hume's endgame?

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I meant skepticism.

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Because humanities brainlets are eternally insecure about their intelligence in comparison to STEMlords.

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Shut the fuck up lol.

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They're not smart enough for science. It's sour grapes. They wish they could score the salaries that science majors do.

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>What was Hume's endgame?
great question

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>tfw browse /lit/ and /sci/

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If you want to make money you go into buisiness or finance.
If you're one of those retards in engineering courses with 0 interest in science and only in it for the money you need to be shot

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>tfw browse /tv/ and /x/

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Science itself is the most anti-Scientific way of thinking there is.

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"intelligence" is socialised, prick

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Nah I don't really like math, it always bored me to death. But being able to solve an mathematical excersise feels like a little orgasm. I'm sure really in-depth academic math most be really interesting, but HS level crap always felt like the complete opposite to thinking.

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>getting a job in academia 2017
It‘s not like anybody, who is truly something more than an echo of the past could get a even slightly prominent position in academia in this decade, at least he isn’t just a ghost of his real self.

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People aren't against science, anymore than they are against Oxygen you retard. science is just a description of the world, however some people believe other things also matter you fucking philistine.

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>OP talks about science
>you mention economics, psychology, and sociology
>all pseudosciences that actual engineers and scientists joke about and laugh at

Even biology is entry level and pleb unless you're doing micro bio

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>Laughing at everyone but themselves
l m a o

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