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>pure ideology

Could we rangeban anyone who says these? Thanks

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you mom gay

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I just want to get under the thing... All things are nothing to me, my property.

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fuck off brainlet

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that's dope ass actually
motherfucker has an illiterate face
nigga's german warlord of though
or some shit

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y did you make my tiny arms bigger, senpai? is this /r/equest?

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t. Spooked ideologue

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>Ban people for spouting memes

Pure spook

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Is this postmodernism?

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Mods please ban /leftypol/ and Reddit.

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Did someone threaten your safe space again? If you can't handle strangers on the internet disagreeing with you, literature might not be a suitable hobby.

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No they just make shitty posts like you just did.
>Did someone threaten your safe space again?
Have you ever had an original thought or do you just regurgitate things you’ve seen on Reddit? You people are like Morgoth: you can’t create, you can only corrupt. This board needs a cleansing.

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going by this logic, let's also ban anyone using:

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How long have you been on this board for? Are you aware this anti-postmodern movement is a recent trend?

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It's been around since Jock Dorito was still alive and getting protested at universities.

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I'm obviously referring to the anti-postmodern ressentiment on this board, which is very new. Calling people /leftpol/ or redditors because they don't disagree with postmodernism just makes the poster sound like a newfag desu

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I have not mentioned anti-postmodernism once. Nor did I mention safe spaces before but you brought it up anyway, newfag. This is my problem with you Redditors. You don’t actually read other people’s posts. You see the words but you don’t process them so you imagine a scenario of your liking and base your replies and ‘arguments’ around that fiction. Also you’re just fucking annoying and unfunny.

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>pretending to be an oldfaggot
I’m embarrassed for you.

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>Calling people /leftpol/ or redditors because they don't disagree with postmodernism just makes the poster sound like a newfag desu
That's odd. I could have sworn he was referring to the whole thread, not a mere stance on a subject.

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Shadilay dude, these fucking redditors man, I swear. Fetch the Xyklon-/b/!

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>Are you aware this anti-postmodern movement is a recent trend?

Well no shit considering Post-modernism is a recent trend

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There's a difference between not disagreeing with post-modernisn and being in allegience with them. Postmodernism should be a problem to overcome but too many intellectuals embrace it as a defence mechanism poisoning discourse

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Wrong, it's been around for at least fifty years. Unless you think all the reactionaries are literal children who just realised what it was after all its main proponents died.

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>Wrong, it's been around for at least fifty years

I'm speaking relatively obviously. Fifty years is a blink in philosophy

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I agree, but I can only see it as yet another example of [quote] >>10279732
You have to believe the lie of the lie; that believing in falsehood is easier than truth. Doesn't matter if the lie is of work, addiction or negligence. You have to believe that it is better not to do something about it in the first place, and that the rather obvious lie is easier to believe... Humans are wicked.

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le epic satire comrade. you sure showed that problematic alt-reich drumpflet. FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY GAY SPACE COMMUNISM. c l a s s c o n s c i e n c e n e s s.

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Come on dude, don't resort to their tactics. They're powerless here

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Ngl, that Risk looks fun.

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You realise there's plenty of Marxists here?

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Marxism died in '68, there are people who call themselves Marxists I agree but it doesn't mean anything

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>Marxism died in '68
Ok, Deleuze.

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Why bother giving him a proper reply? I tried already see where that got me. He’s got an image of himself in his head along with an image of anyone who doesn’t align with his worldview and nothing anybody can say will shake it.

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He's correct though, I've not met a self-proclaimed Marxist who believes in it as a liberating force. All that's left are bitter terrorists who just want to see the current world destroyed
I don't blame them but that's not Marxism

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I say don't reply at all. They're only talking to themselves

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>anything that makes marxy looks bad is not marxism
>anything that makes communism look bad is not real communism
>anyone that makes leftist look violent and hypocritical are not real leftists
I’m sick of this meme, Anon-kun.

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Uni/college students who hate the working class because of Trump/racism/bigotry/sexism?

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Its a matter of belief. Would you consider someone who does all the Christian rituals and preach the Christian doctrine a Christian if he doesn't actually believe in God?
That's how I feel about Marxists today

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That's a subset of "Marxists" who only "radicalise" once they go to university. Nearly every leftist I hang out with was woke to these kind of people before they attended uni and avoided them. Here, they're upper-class Trotskyists, so I do know what you're talkm bout...

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The term here is redpilled faggot

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my sides, post a frog next.

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I advice you to send them to their older soulmates, the Hitchens' brothers. Former trotskyists, them.

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>he thinks being old on this site is a good thing
there's a difference between being an """oldfag""" and not being a crossposting board migrant

>Nor did I mention safe spaces before but you brought it up
>You don't actually read other people's posts
Should I point out the irony or do you see it yourself

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Kill yourself.

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Holy... your political knowledge is immense, bro... Nah, this group is Cliffite-Trotskyist, whereas Christopher was in some hipster Luxemburgist-Trotskyist group that probably just wanted to split from every other group as much as possible. I do realise these rich Trots at my university will be the neocons of tomorrow, since their parents are judges, etc. and they're all career activists until they have well-paying jobs.

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But I love you, son. I'd miss you.

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Why post on a forum and yet despise it's culture? If you want to be treated seriously while using nigger slang then go post on /r/clapotraphouse
The terms here developed over time and scrutiny for a reason, either respect them or just speak like a man

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redpilled is a /pol/ meme and it can stay in /pol/, who are you to force your memes on a seperate board?

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>Nah, this group is Cliffite-Trotskyist, whereas Christopher was in some hipster Luxemburgist-Trotskyist group

Why are you stating this as if it means anything

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Why do you think your subculture is so niche here? Nearly e'ery edgy sixteen year old with access to the internet speaks the same as you derivative fuckwads. Nearly every pepe on /lit/ will be met with "fucking frogposter" anyway.

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No its from the matrix actually
If you think its a dumb term then don't use just as dumb terms from esle

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>Xhe doesn't understand the difference between Tony Cliff and Luxemburg
Stop posting.

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stop posting on this board and lurk more

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And God speed to them. I just find it tiresome to see people coming in with allegience to elsewhere and not have had their arguments boiled away already.
This place will dissolve Leftists, you may not become a right winger but you will have your beliefs and values burnt away. I was a serious Leftist once myself

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No, you just got depressed and stopped thinking for yourself, brotir. I understand you lose pep after about mid-twenties. Did you actually join any organisations or do any sort of political activity?

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pure ideology

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Pure spooky postmodern ideology

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OP do you even know what a rangeban is?

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I don't care about the drama. Political knowledge, to me, is class-based. Not the artificial "equality" (garbage) class and the owner class. I wanted to give them a chance, to see where their choices could lead them. Polar opposites. It is determinism marxists struggle with (as in, they carry it with them).

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Yeah I was a member of a party, active in meetings and organizing for a while. Then over time it was a combination of realizing how stupid the average member was, how narcisstic and self interested the leaders were and realizing I see no reason to care about any of it. Since I hate the average person and even if all the dreams succeeded I would be left in a just as alienating pathetic existence as in Capitalism. Yes I'm depressed but why wouldn't you be

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>there are "people" who still believe in marxism
>in fucking 2017

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im not even the original guy but I read the whole shit

fuck your redditor shit, you do sound like a disgusting normie with you attemps to aggitate people with your responses rather than factually correct them

-should I point out the irony?-
Too lazy and dumb to have a comeback desu

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Look at the spooked postmodern ideology on this guy.

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>he thinks smug posts aren't the essence of this site
mm yes I'm from reddit clearly

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Your post was pure, spooky, postmodern ideology

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It's the current year c'mon guysss

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Tremendously underrated post

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