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was he right?

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The only Robert E. who was right, was Lee.

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t. states with largest amounts of nigges

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>appeal to nature

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>says the man wearing a suit

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I agree with everything except the 4th statement

We don't know for sure if barbarism will triumph, although maybe just based on entropy, this is in fact true

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>he is somehow a hypocrite for wearing a suit and saying this
>criticizing the arguer and not the argument

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It's perfectly fine to spot people trying to trick you, consciously or not, by looking for hypocrisy

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So you're too stupid to judge the argument, right? Anyway, where's the hypocrisy? He never stated that civilization and its products are necessarily bad because they're unnatural; you can't derive an ought from an is after all.

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nigga suck my dick from the b-b-b-b-back

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>not a value statement
Pick one, you pulp trash reading child

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Barbarism is a spook

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Suits are natural, idiot. Hence 'birthday suit'

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>arbitrary celebrations of a day-night cycle according to the Gregorian calendar are natural

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>And barbarism must always ultimately triumph
How is this a value statement you retard? Clearly he meant "must always" as "will necessarily"

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Ironic since Conan is mostly civilized by the time he became king of Aquilonia. He left Cimmeria as a youth and never associated with those rubes again. Conan liked civilization more than Howard.

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>tfw he wasn't talking about barbarism vs civilization but rural people vs city folk in Texas.

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>Barbarism must always ultimately triumph, but it has not triumphed yet and civilization, as a whim of circumstance, still exists; and I am a part of this existent civilization, hence why I am wearing a suit.
>Haha what a fucking hypocrite for wearing a suit

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So then why must (v. be obliged to; should (expressing necessity)) barbarism triumph if not for reasons of value?

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Your answer is the first line of the quote dingus.

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>Barbarism is the natural state of mankind
It's in the fucking quote you idiot

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This is correct. Barbarism and Civilization are not mutually exclusive terms. Consider a more likely term: savagery.
>savagery is the natural state of mankind.
Is it? It could easily be argued that 'mankind' itself emerges out of savagery, etc. Howard's way too loose with words.

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>if something is natural it must triumph
Holy fuck you guys are retarded. Dinosaurs were natural, did they triumph? No, they fucked died. He obviously didn't imply that and would have said "therefore will always ultimately triumph", not "must always ultimately triumph".

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Man is natural, did man triumph? What a poor analogy.

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I love this board sometimes.

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Define "barbarism."
Define "natural."
Define "civilization."
Define "triumph."

Prove me with these and then we can talk.

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noat about the last sentence, but everything else makes sense

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>it's ok to ad hominem

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> Define "barbarism."
What I did to your mom's holes last night.

> Define "natural."
Your mom's inclination to be a complete whore, as she was last night.

> Define "civilization."
Something your mom never understood cause she's a wild slut and was also last night.

> Define "triumph."
Finishing all over your mom's face last night.

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God I hate this man

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>So you're too stupid to judge the argument, right?
No, it's just a quickier way to spot things worth listening to. Time on this earth is finite.
>i learned fallicies on the internet and now i'm a thinker

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Hume still makes people become buttflustered all over the globe after almost 250 years after his death. What a legend.

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Dangerous presupposition. Perfect rationale to ease the unethical man's conscience.

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>Time on this earth is finite.
he posted on 4chan

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i'm sure Ted Kaczynski must have read him when he was younger

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*tips fedora*

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