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Read his books.

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No. Read Marx

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I'm a Marxist. I don't read liberal propaganda.

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I've read all of his books and I will never read Marx because I'm redpilled (aka right wing).

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The ultimate redbull.
Based, keep making this thread, PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!

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Wrong shade of red, then. You believe the lies of the /pol/Jew who promotes free markets, but you do not even care to see the way of the man who promotes the just retribution of wealth (in other words, not promoting the existence of a society in which certain people work and others get gibs).

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This desu

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So we'll comes off like a dumb person's smart person.

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>read his books
You can just read one book by Sowell and then graduate to reading actual economists

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im not racist, see le BASED negro promotes cultural boomerism and the BASED neoliberal status quo, too. BASED

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I see nazbol memes but I don't know what it is. What is it?

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For some reason I saw a Carolina Hurricanes logo when I looked at the thumbnail.

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I love sowell but i hate these threads
no one is discussing his works; just everyone flapping their mouths and giving shit opinions
(like me rn)

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Nationalist Bolshevism. It was promoted back in the 1920s/early 1930s by certain members of the NSDAP. Their leader, Gregor Strasser, promoted liberation from the Jewish control of the means of production, and promised the creation of a worker's ethno-state. It has had a small revival in Russia ever since the fall of the Soviet Union with the National Bolshevik Party.
Most of the people who spread Nazbol Gang "are mostly in it for the memes", just like many of the early alt-righters on /pol/.

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Mild Nationalism, Extra Stalinism with neo luddite characteristics

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Basically Marxism coupled with ethno-centrism
It's a meme ideology

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Truly the ultimate Jewish shill

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it is a third positionist ideology that LOL HOW BOUT YOU FUCKING SUCK MY DICK YOU GAY JEW lamo xD

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You are on the wrong side of history.

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The Mrs boiught me the Vision of the Annointed, loved it. Already read Basic Economics, most of Intellectuals and Society and about halfway through Economic Facts and Fallacies.

These highlight books are the ones I've been working through/re-reading after reading Marxist and Facist bullshit for a year and a half.

It's a breath of fresh air to come back to some common sense. Ebola was a fucking painful eye-bleeding struggle and I thoroughly enjoyed about 40 Fabian Tracts. They're surprisingly self-aware and terrifying.

I hope you guys have been reading the classics, even small ones like Bastiat's The Law shouldn't be overlooked.

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>obvious bait
>it draws out /pol/tards and /leftypol/tards
No one wants to read an Uncle Tom conservative's book.

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>believing that there is a wrong and a right side to history

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In some wars, like World War 2 (Allies = good, Axis = bad), there literally is

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Seething commie

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>the USSR was good
>the UK was good
>AMERICA of all countries was good
>Japan was evil, and every single person who ever fought for it was evil
>Germany was pure evil
baseless and bluepilled, Real life human beings are not good nor evil, much less so with decentralised nation-states.
But still, I fucking hate statists and anything that gets in the way of stateless communal ownership.

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>muh redpill!!!
I'll give you the USSR, but America genuinely was innocent until after the war when they started fucking with other countries on a regular basis
And most of the Nazis and Japanese leadership genuinely were evil

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Reading Sowell is the shortest path to ensuring that you NEVER learn economics.

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o thx for the rec

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>I'll give you the USSR, but America genuinely was innocent until after the war when they started fucking with other countries on a regular basis
lol no, they were fucking with other countries even before ww2

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The man is against the Fed, and is not afraid to socially analyze and can get away with it as a black dude. He is fucking ace, and a benefit to humankind.

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Seriously, I don't have heroes, but you're looking at one.

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lost it at Jim Jones

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why does that say thomas sowell man among my mentor

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crappy graphic design. "man among men" "my mentor"

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what are you talking about
does this have to do with colors
im colorblind

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You're trolling, but yes. It just lacks proper design eye, because it is so jarringly done.

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Sowell is too precious for this board

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Lol but also

>being so stuck int the hivemind of a mongolian basket weaving forum you ACTUALLY wouldn't read something because of the author's race.

People really just come here to post memes huh?

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same people that don't read Woolf cause she's a woman. At what point did people on this site start thinking blatant pseudery was something of value?

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he clearly meant liberal as in economically liberal you mutt

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What if I hate the working class and jews?

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Whoever says it is only a meme is a jew and you shall not listen to them

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Go to bed, Hoppe

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I just woke up. I do like Hoppe though.

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I don't care you just woke up
Go to bed Hoppe, it is getting late

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Bro being against the Fed doesn't make you redpilled. Please for the love of god do your research. The 2nd half of the 19th century America was basically defined by an Austrian Monetary Program and guess what? It spawned a nation-wide movement against the bankers. People found the Austrian dream of limited currency issue on the Gold Standard completely intolerable. Why? Because it jacked up interest rates and allowed the bankers to basically contract credit at will, leading to recurring crashes and the consequent consolidation of all property in the hands of the creditors, aka NY banks. Austrianism is a synthetic political movement and controlled-opposition ideology created by Jews borrowing anti-establishment credentials and super-imposing them on the ultimate elitist economic program. Please understand this and stop shilling the Banker's Program for them. You are the definition of a Useful Idiot.


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>not knowing what Liberal means

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Please don't say you are redbulled if you don't realize that the legal fiction of private property is too blame for all of that.

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Don't try to paint a portrait with a paintroller. You're starting so far upriver, you guarantee your own ignorance of the dynamics of capitalist economy.

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I mean I get the particulars but why bother disagreeing with them when I am against the foundation? Sure simply being against property isn't going to change anything, I get it's important to understand how things work. Still, most of this bullshit emanates from property

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Idk maybe it's generally a bad idea to be reductionist -- leads to globby thinking

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A man among my mentor.

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That´s why you´re still a marxist

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Sowell is liberal you mong

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> muh nazis were bad
Basedboy confirmed

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They were bad you brainlet
Genocide isn't acceptable

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>My """edgy""" baby boomer patriotard opinions are now validated cause an uncle tom nigger wears a suit and repeats them
Wow looks like demoCRAPs are the REEL racists now!

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>making it about politics
Hi, yeah, I'm 'the one', you are going straight to hell when you die.

Thanks, bye.

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>making a political commentator about politics
how could i have done such a thing
>Hi, yeah, I'm 'the one', you are going straight to hell when you die.
what the fuck does that even mean?

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Why is the right's magical negro shilled so much around here?

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More like Thomas Bowel ... movement

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because his works is great
check it out sometime
i recommend Race and Culture: A World View

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because he tells whitey what he wants to hear

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>high interest rates
>bankers contract credit at will
You are mentally disabled if you believe this
>recurring crashes
The crashes were mild and resulted in insolvent banks to go out of business, unlike today in which the recessions are grand and the banks get paid for it.

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