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>be I
>proud stoic
>walking home from work
>see a baby making a funny face
>I smile back because it was cute
>suddenly realize I betrayed my whole life’s philosophy by showing emotion
I’m literally crying I don’t know what to do now

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you shouldn't post strawman crap on this board

>> No.11430687

You should probably stop crying...

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>betraying stoicism
nothing of value was lost, anyone subscribing to stoicism in 2018 should strongly consider suicide.

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Literally not stoicism you fucking retard. Stoicism is controlling your negative emotions because you can't control your circumstances. It's such a basic philosophy that it's the current day default mode of being an adult in the workplace.

>anyone subscribing to stoicism in 2018

t. someone who has never worked at an office job

Stoicism is the default in this fucking insane political environment. Anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve is fast-tracked to being internet mobbed or fired.

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Keep crying.

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>ozymandias was a stoic

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t. someone who has never worked at an office job

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Weak ass fucking cuck

Take the stoic-autismpill basednigger

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Nigger I literally work at an office job, bureaucracy is sucking my soul and if you think stoicism will help then it's probably your first week at work.

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Haha wow, thanks for this

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