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>having 4th of july dinner with family
>the topic of free will comes up
>say that this debate is pointless as it's impossible for a human to believe in determinism even if they argue for it, because we are biologically wired to think we have free will so we can exist socially and even to argue against it is proving one thinks he has free will.
>tell them how without free will our political and social construct would work like evolution, where all negative parts of it would slowly be written out in favor of the good ones by the law of natural selection, and how history isn't linear, and how the development of the social construct didn't just keep the good parts of it while getting rid of the negative ones, therefore showing that our development into modern civilization wasn't biologically programmed
>mom tells me "anon you do know we are just bunch of neurons, right"

Holy shit I got fucking dusted, guys. I can't even look my family in the eyes since then. How do I come back from this?

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Good luck in Hell bitch

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you don't. you're permanently btfo. this is your life now.

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you don't?
sounds like you family are de-spooked, levelheaded and logical people while you are still spouting the drivel that toga-wearinf pooftas who believed in eternal souls propounded
welcome to the modern world. try reading some fucking science books

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The debate was pointless, but not for the reason they said. There is literally no way to prove it one way or the other so who cares?

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>yeah well, you do know you’re just a fucking cunt, right?

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This was the appropriate reply

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she's not right anon, you live in a family of pseuds, for which im sorry. you also sound very american which oculd explain

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>Mom, are you implying the territory can be reduced to the map? Tell me you’re not.

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You don't come back from it. At least not of your own free will.

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You were right though?

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>anon you do know we are just bunch of neurons, right
you should've just posted this at her

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I'm gettimg the impression you feel like you won because your arguments were more "sophisticated", but that's not how it works. It sounds like you were spouting nonsense and your mother just pointed out the obvious. Also you don't understand evolution.

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my uncle taught me this neat little trick to win ANY argument. Just say this:
>"Mom, you know you're gay and retarded right?"
And then you shout "GAY RETARD" over her voice whenever she tries to respond

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There's the difference between "life" and "non-life", like how if you blow out your brains, the rest of you will still be fully intact chemical-wise.

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Does life exist from a physicist point of view?

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I'll bet Ian's in this fucking thread somewhere.

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you're a fucking retard and your mom is a cargo culting p-zombie. both of you should be gassed
the distinction is totally unnecessary along the lines you are using to orient the question. Yes we would have to make a line of demarcation between them but they're just slightly different kinds of physical systems, and not even really, just peculiar states that not so peculiar systems find themselves in, there is little difference between chemical clocks and the activity of the human cellular metabolism

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So, life is not different, simply a group of chemical reactions? I'm not sure exactly what you're saying, but if it's that, then what about the chemical reactions seeks out nutrients for growth, reproduction, etc? Something I'm curious about

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>say you'll be back in a second
>rush to family computer
>Google "shrek fedora meme"
>takes a minute to find a good version
>takes another minute to find the printer app
>slowly print shrek image
>by the time you return, they've forgotten about you
>silently wave shrek picture in front of your face in the direction of mother
>everyone stares blankly

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>batman versus superman debate

Participate, but don't take part
Eat the hamburgers and the hotdogs

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Here's a version of your image without the shitty stock photo text.

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You don't. You're on the way to becoming that member of the family who everyone dreads speaking with at get-togethers because he invariable devolves all dissenting opinions into heady drivel that nobody in the room truly understands, you included, or cares about besides you.
You know who I'm talking about: we all have one--that sad middle aged uncle who brings all conversations back to his crazy ideas of how the government just wants you to think that grandma's pumpkin pie was so much better last year, or that cousin who smells like cat piss and body odor and always comes around with more feminist theory than anybody can palate in an evening of light celebration.
Best advice is to just keep the opinions shelved and talk about some bullshit you don't care about such as the local sports team losing for the 9th game in a row or something

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it would be the perfect comeback and you know it.

that's pretty funny, did you take inspiration from that one old thread? you know, that one?

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>not explaining to your mother the serious challenge the hard problem of consciousness and the measurement problem in quantum mechanics pose to the theory of materialism.

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Well, to be fair to your mom, it's much less fun to snack on popcorn while watching THE COSMOS and Bill Nye, as opposed to while reading The Critique. Your mom is probably an utilitarian as well, and reads pop-sci books. If she was younger, she would probably enjoy rick and morty as well.

Jokes aside, what you should have done is ask why she shat you out of her rancid cunt and didn't off herself yet.

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still dwelling on this after 2 months
you are proving them right

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ffs this was a pretty funny OP but the idiots on lit looking to prove their intellect didn't even recognise the joke

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t. Soul is a desert

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