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/lit /tip of the day

>Before trading in a used book, insert a photo of yourself between some of the pages. On the back of this photo, introduce yourself to the new reader and wish him well in his reading of the book. Also list some tips, or things you wish you would have known going in, on the back of the photo.

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>Don't namedrop influential literary figures and quotes in every day conversation with regular folks. They won't appreciate, will feel belittled and think you're a prick. The cashier at your local grocery store does not give a fuck about Marx's thoughts on a labour theory of value and why you think its wrong.

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>The cashier at your local grocery store does not give a fuck about Marx's thoughts on a labour theory of value and why you think its wrong.

Surely people don't actually do this

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but making people uncomfortable is good

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I met a guy the other day whose legitimate first instinct when he meets people is to ask them what they think the point of life is. He legitimately believed that people who refused to engage in this conversation with him weren't smart enough to. If any of you do this, people don't respond to it because they immediately hate you and think you're not worth getting to know.

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>How about next time you finish a book that affects you profoundly you leave it in a bus shelter or a coffee shop for some random person to pick up. This act of serendipity could change a person and set them on a new, wonderful life course. Also, it gives you an excuse to buy yourself a hardback copy to keep and cherish forever and ever

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>be me
>have a used book i want to trade in
>take picture of myself
>write a note on the back of the photo and stick it in the book for the next reader
>go to used book store to trade it in
>give the book to the lady at the counter and go browse around the store
>she flips through the book to determine its condition
>pick out a book and go back towards the counter
>why are the employees looking at me like that?
>why are they giggling?
>"umm... i'll take this book please..."
>the employees are holding back laughs
>lady behind the counter extends the photograph and asks me if i'd like to have this back
>they all burst out laughing
>throw the book i was going to take to the ground and run toward the exit
>the laughter is getting louder
>try to push the door open but you have to pull it
>the laughter is deafening
>finally manage to get out of the store
>get in my car and drive about a mile down the road
>pull over with my hazard lights on and cry for 15 minutes
>i'm never going back to that bookstore

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>They won't appreciate, will feel belittled and think you're a prick

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should've left it in a bush shelter or coffee shop, m8

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> They won't appreciate, will feel belittled and think you're a prick

good. fuck mainstream society

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t. doesn't know the point to life

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Not many do

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>thinks he has anything interesting to say on humanity despite never actually having participated in the majority of the human experience due to his autism

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and those that think they do must surely be deluding themselves.
for if there is a point to life, what is the point to that point? And what is the point to that? etc.
That's my gut feeling, anyway.

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Finally, a new medium to post dick pics and frogs.

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I once visited Quebec as a child. While looking at some random magazines on a display rack, a nude Polaroid photo slipped out of one and fell onto the floor. Was it exhibitionism?

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This is exactly what I was envisioning before I even opened the thread.

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Those who think they do are just regurgitating the arguments of outdated philosophers whose viewpoints have been challenged and in most cases refuted. All these guys are hobbyist philosophers who don't have any original thoughts and consider "knowing how philosophical thought has evolved and how famous philosophers influenced each-other" to be equatable to "knowing philosophy".

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is this art?

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>the laughter is deafening

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Aww yiss, I love excuses to spend money I don’t have. Thanks friend

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This is a powerful post

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Is this a quote from something?

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Please say this didn't really happen

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>He legitimately believed that people who refused to engage in this conversation with him weren't smart enough to

He's right.

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>being unwilling to entertain your autism means they aren't capable to
so much for logic

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Very good

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Experience is irrelevant to knowing.

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>not indulging in real life shitposting.

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Extraverts certainly believe that the Sociocultural abomination which they pledge allegiance to will grant them spontaneous insight and wit to rebuke its attackers. It does not. Perhaps its cruelest joke.

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its not wrong

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One rarely experiences more than a facet of a phenomenon, and, strangely identifying with it at the expense of adjacent facets, never mind its opposing pole, becomes entrenched in his petty possessiveness, arrogantly assuming himself wise, effectively being consumed by it. Rather than presenting the phenomenon to him towards knowing, experience presented him to the phenomenon towards unknowing. Hence the misery of extraversion.

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>implying there's no knowledge to be gained in the application of knowledge
ok, bud

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>Rather than presenting the phenomenon to him towards knowing, experience presented him to the phenomenon towards unknowing. Hence the misery of extraversion.
is knowing only found internally, could you elaborate somewhat?

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This, its the only way to filter the people you don't want around.

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>could you elaborate somewhat?


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lol then fuck off

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And the solution to false wisdom is to deny yourself all experience? Accomplishing what? A state of never-knowing emptiness and acceptance that nothing is knowable so there's no reason trying? It sounds like you're trying to rationalize the fact that your life is objectively lesser than the life of another who is equally well learned, but has applied his learning externally and accepted that the world has more teachers than old, dead philosophers.

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Reminds me of a couple books I bought where someone wrote the date of death years later under the original owner's name written in the front. There was an old photo and dried flowers in one of them too.
I have a quilting manual filled with newspaper clippings that a different owner had written on as well, including articles about her friends winning competitions with little notes about when they passed.

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On the contrary, everything is knowable.

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>I know everything but Im not going to explain myself
Yeah Im sure dude

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>scribbled note on endsheet from a husband talking about how much he loves his wife and how much she'll enjoy the book
>the book has clearly never been read

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absolutely sebdalesque

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A friend tells me this story of a famous and cheap used bookstore that we mutually use:
He was instructed by another friend to look up a particular short story collection by Stephen King at one of the locations. Locating the novel, he finds an old Polaroid of a man's penis. Apparently this book has been at this location for years and has never been sold, but a growing group of my mutual acquaintances have made a pilgrimage out of locating this volume and this man's penis tucked neatly into the pages whenever they are in the area. Quite an interesting story.
If anyone is from Connecticut, try to find Different Seasons by Stephen King at one of the Book Barn locations and pay respect to an old willy.

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Big if true

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Haha, that's hilarious. If I ever go there, I'll be sure to pay my respects.

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>tfw my friend had to point out to me that most people aren't interested in what "Aristotle said"

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>>Asking others for answers to a question that can only be answered by personal experience and introspection
>>Not realizing that this question proves anon's point

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>trade in a used book

Why would anyone do this?

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Some books aren't worth rereading.

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Don't buy them in the first place then

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Some are worth reading once and only once.

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cute outfit

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I have thrown entire trash bags of old books into the garbage several times when moving because I didn't feel like arranging them into boxes. Fuck books

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this is degeneracy on so many levels

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>that pic
80's chick hair was awful. curly pube hair is almost as bad as the pixie cut shit that some girls like now, but I imagine it was a whole lot more prevalent.

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I tell them my name, my game and that I will be meeting them very soon.

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I bought a used copy of TCP/IP Illustrated and looked up the name of the guy. He's a network engineer at a tech company and I sent him a linkedin message saying how cool it was I ended up with his copy, and my cousin works at the same company.

No response.


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every action has an equal but opposite reaction.
even in /lit.
plus, it doubles down if you are an autistic neet doing even more autistic silly, random shit

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You should have posted with this image, you had one chance abd you ruined it.

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was it kino?

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This is a prime example of why I never make any effort to put myself out there socially, or try to make any human connection in general that doesn't benefit me financially.

At least you tried though anon, have a (You) to make you feel better.

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